You've got to move it move it

Jul 26, 2022
You've got to move it move it

Last week, in class, we had a conversation about how practical kundalini yoga is and how quickly you can experience transformation when you practice it.
You can determine how to use it to fit your life: the yoga sets are powerful and when practiced in their entirety strengthen your nervous, glandular and lymphatic systems, AND you can use individual exercises as a quick and effective way to shift your energy, release stress or tension in your body, focus your mind, energize you, work through emotions, or create space to consider a different perspective. Whatever you need in a particular moment, you can engage in an exercise for 30-60 seconds and experience the benefits.  



We have access to so many exercises in this practice and there are a number of them that you could do in your chair as you take a short break from working, in your office, outside, heck even the bathroom. 



Here’s one simple practice that I give clients to help them transition from work to home mode (especially helpful if you work from home)… when you finish your work and close your laptop, or hang up that last phone call, take a full deep breath in and exhale (do that 2 or 3 more times if you need to). Set a timer for 60 seconds. Stand up, raise your arms above your head and shake out your entire body for the full 60 seconds. Keep your jaw relaxed, find your breath and shake, shake, shake. This exercise signals to your body that your work day is done, it helps discharge stress so you can move into rest and digest, it stimulates your lymphatic system (lymph only moves through your blood when you move your body), and gives you an energy boost so you have the capacity to enjoy the rest of your day.



In our mini-course, the 4 Pillars to Good Health, we spend some time on the different body systems that this practice influences most powerfully because we want you to be able to understand what’s happening in your body when you practice. We reference the nervous, endocrine, digestive, and lymphatic systems regularly in classes, but we get it - you can hear something a bunch of times but not really understand what it means. It’s as you pair your learned knowledge with your experienced knowledge that you can understand more deeply and make it make sense for you. When this happens, you'll recall that time a cat ran across the street while you were driving, and you'll know that your shaking after that incident was your nervous system discharging stress as it shifted from fight or flight into rest and digest. As you understand what's happening in your body, you can normalize it and give yourself what you need to experience what you need to in that moment.



Calendar time: Schedule time this week to go through Module 4: Movement from the 4 Pillars to Good Health. Then, schedule movement on your calendar. Whether it’s a yoga class, a 30 minute walk, a short run, playing tennis with a friend, or incorporating some short bursts of movement throughout your day… scheduling it on your calendar will put it in front of you and help you create the habit to engage in movement regularly throughout your week. As always, treat these events on your calendar as any important appointment that you would not cancel or reschedule.


With love and gratitude,



P.S. We’re winding down our current 40 day meditation which means we’ll start a new 40 day on Monday, August 1. The next practice includes a meditation that is perfect for August because it strengthens the pranic body (the breath body) which means increased energy, grace, and the fortitude to face your fears and worries. 


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