40 Day Challenge: meditations for intuition, creativity, and consistency

Oct 05, 2021

Probably the greatest benefit of any 40 day practice is that you do the practice for the 40 consecutive days. Then there's the benefit of the chosen meditations.

If you look at what you're most consistent at in your day to day, you'll get a clue as to why things may or may not be working for you in each specific area. Because we get really good at what we do (or don't do)! And that's good news, because we can change that.


Next Monday, October 11, we'll be starting a new 40 day...

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KISS: Keep it so simple

Jul 20, 2021

When embarking on your wellness journey, you may create expectations for yourself to “help” you get started. For example, “I need a new yoga mat (or cushion)” or “I need to create my meditation space with incense, candles, and photos.” 

These rules don’t help, they hinder you. You judge yourself for not doing it “right” or “good enough”. As a result, you either don’t get started, or quit before experiencing the...

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Why new habits are so hard to maintain and how to make it easier

Jun 01, 2021

Think a marble can roll off the deeply embedded groove and take an unpaved path that doesn't exist... without any interference?

It would take some fingers, or a disruption in its foundation to lift or shake it off its current path.

We're the same way. We've been hitting that snooze button every day for so long that expecting ourselves NOT to extend that arm to hit snooze and fall back asleep would take some dedication and honest desire to make change.

That's just the beginning of the morning...

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