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Studies show that morning people are more

make healthier choices
and are downright happier

What to do when you get up?

We'll show you.

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1. Take the 2-week challenge and become a Morning Maven

Set the tone for your day strong. Intentionally get up for yourself instead of snoozing until you need to rush for someone else.

Join us for the sadhana huddle every weekday morning (see step 4).

2. Schedule an onboarding call with your Concierge Support


Take a 20 minute video call with your Concierge to learn how to navigate and get the most from your membership. Get clear on what the very next step is and how to get quick wins from your two weeks.

3. Complete your Wellness Assessment

Morning meditation taps you into your Soul's desires, breaks through your physical and mental blocks, and clarifies your life purpose goals. Our assessments connect the practice to your life work, and it gives your coach something concrete to look at when you need assistance.

4. Show up to the Sadhana Huddle every weekday morning

We make it really easy to rock your inner Morning Maven through the Sadhana Huddle every weekday morning from 6 to 6:30 am central time. We choose the meditations for you. All you need to do is show up.

This is about getting your life back

You feel like your life's been hijacked.

You know you said YES to every part of it BUT THEN, you woke up one day saying what the *&%$ happened?

Take back your time and energy. And experience joy. 

Use the simple roadmap

Don't let the simplicity fool you. Trust the process, embrace the deliciousness, and watch yourself wake up to a LIFE YOU LOVE.

Love Your Life

Take the free 14-day challenge, giving you full membership access and the wings to soar into your Morning Maveness.

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