Love your life. 


Through kundalini yoga, Ayurveda, and key self-awareness tools,

tap into the energy and courage to do what matters to you. 


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Get healed, loved, and fed

Tap into the energy and courage to do what matters to you. 

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Here’s what you get with your membership:
  • The full HLF Love Your Life program and portal to take you through the 4 Pillars experience towards good health, a discerning mind, and bliss. 
  • Livestream access to yoga & meditation classes, Monthly Momentum calls, special events and special topic discussions.
  • A ‘Check Your Progress’ portal to anchor into your vision, take your Wellness Assessments, identify your current and ideal states & support systems, and initiate individualized support to carry you through the year.  
  • Courses on The 4 Pillars and Managing Anxiety. 
  • 11 and 45 minute sound healing sessions (bowls, gongs, vox).
  • HLF Community where you ask questions, get answers, create topics of discussion, and connect with peers and teachers to get the support you need, find your voice, and pay it forward by helping others. 
  • BONUS: A 'Transform Your Life' portal with access to - 
    • {eBook} The 12 Essential Guidelines to Start Feeling Good in Your Own Skin 
    • 4 Pillars practice book with 1 on-the-mat and 1 off-the-mat exercise per pillar. 
    • Video tutorials to go with the 4 Pillars practice book. 

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