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HLF Membership

We're excited to see you here at HealedLovedFed, Urban Yoga Chicago's online community portal!

Here's what your membership includes:

  • We start you off with a mini-course on "The 4 parts to strengthening your internal biome and finding ease." This course includes explanations of the 3 body systems we work with in Kundalini Yoga and how they affect you: the organ systems (for example, the nervous and endocrine systems), the 8 chakras, and the 10 bodies. All for your perusal, at your fingertips, on your own time, and at your own pace. More comments sections here for questions and comments. 
  • Recorded yoga and meditations videos to play on demand. Each week, a new one will be added. When this happens, it will be emailed to your inbox for your convenience. The recordings will also be curated in your membership portal so you don't have to sort through your emails later. This expands your options when your yoga practice times fall outside the Zoom class schedule, or when your wifi gets moody and makes livestream difficult.
  • Mini-courses focusing on various topics for you to delve deeper into on your own time. There are Comments sections everywhere so you can share your experiences or ask questions. We'll be looking out for them to respond back to, so you're not doing this alone.
  • A Community Topics page organized by topics or by feed for community discussion. This includes book discussions. If there is something you'd like to start a conversation on, just let us know, and we'll add it. This entire site is private to members only, and much of the content will be added with your feedback and requests in mind. 

All this can be accessed online 24/7 through your Urban Yoga Chicago/ Healed Loved Fed Membership. 

During its scheduled times, you also have access to unlimited livestream classes via Zoom.
While membership is purchased through the HealedLovedFed system, your receipt will read Urban Yoga Chicago. Prefer to go Annual? Take me to the Annual Plan. 

Urban Yoga Chicago and HealedLovedFed are the same, co-directed by Savitree & Jodh. Urban Yoga Chicago is our bricks and mortar studio space in Evanston. 
HealedLovedFed is our secure online community, mini-course, and resource home for our members. It is our way to bring the spiritual community and connection to you, virtually. 

Please email us if you have any questions: info@urbanyogachicago.org. 

What People Are Saying:

“Impossible to relay the sheer transformative power of this methodology; and all the more of the teachers who so competently deliver and personally prescribe these practices at Urban Yoga… ”Enlightenment" or "happiness" are overrated and unrealistic conceits, but one comes dangerously close at Urban Yoga. I am more alive to a pulsating sense of what the best version of myself feels like and how that person moves through the world. I am worlds lighter and my relationships reflect this new levity. It has almost entirely eradicated what I thought to be an intractable anxiety that I had wrongly come to think of as a permanent fixture of my personality...Almost magically, the doubt and fears have diminished and given way to the sweeter stronger poetics of life. I'm a better mother. I'm a better artist. I'm a better citizen. I'm a better daughter. I'm a better girlfriend. Perhaps most critically, I'm better at being myself. It feels good. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough. ”

Liz Lazar

“Jodh and Savitree, thank you for being the teachers you are. It is not Kundalini yoga that makes your studio a success. It is the style and genuine way of teaching that has made Urban Yoga a studio to believe in.”

Julie Matt

“I had to take the time to thank you two beautiful ladies for all you do. When I walked into Urban Yoga in February of 2016, I walked in very skeptical that I would be able to do any type of yoga. I had no idea what Kundalini yoga was. I figured there were two types of yoga. Regular and Hot. Either way, I didn't think that my large body and bad knees would allow me to do either. From the moment I walked in, I could feel the positive, loving energy that is given here. I was put at ease. The patience that Jodh has had with me is truly an esteem builder. I've been seeing a pain doctor to help with knee issues I've had since birth and since starting yoga, my monthly ultrasounds have shown tremendous improvement. I have way less inflammation issues. My pain treatments have been greatly reduced. My pain doctor is also a holistic advocate, and attributes the improvements in my knees to practicing yoga. Beyond that, incorporating a daily morning yoga practice has brought a more disciplined approach to my overall fitness goals. I believe it helps me stay more focused at work, and has also been an amazing supplement to my daily spiritual practice. In a nutshell, practicing yoga with you makes me feel good!! Thank you for all you do.”

Izzy Sullivan