Sadhana Huddle

6 to 6:30 am cst


Start your morning with an elevated mindset & game change your day.
This is the simplest, gentlest way to create a powerful morning habit.

Why Sadhana

Sadhana means daily spiritual practice.
Spiritual means to know yourself.

Starting your day with Sadhana is a game changer.

What you do between waking up and breakfast sets the tone for your day.
Your mindset during this time is critical.

Daily sadhana shifts your mindset and creates new neural pathways that elevate your self-talk. Many of us are plagued with a more negative self talk that makes us feel incapable and weakens our nervous system in the process.

If you make sadhana a non-negotiable in your life, and you can do this first thing in the morning - your meditation practice is now done so you can focus on everything else you need to do for the day, and your mind is now tuned into your inner compass. Which brings you more peace, clarity, and inner strength.

Getting up before 6 am with the FIRST thing on your mind being anchored in the intention to do sadhana grounds and focuses you to higher caliber of thought.

All that from just 30 minutes a day of sadhana.

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up to 10 sessions ($10/huddle)

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Eight week pass


up to 40 sessions ($5/huddle)

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