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"I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live." 
– George Bernard Shaw

Savitree Kaur

E-RYT, KRI Certified, Co-Founder of Urban Yoga Chicago & HealedLovedFed

I've been a student of yoga, meditation, and holistic wellness (Ayurveda, homeopathy, essential oils) since 1999; teaching since 2006.

I feel really lucky to have found work that I love, and the best partner to co-found Urban Yoga Chicago and HealedLovedFed with.

My mission is to help others connect to their inner compass, clarity, and strength. I believe that our ability to be an active ally to others relies on our ability to care and advocate for ourselves.

Favorite quote: 

"I'm not here to be right. I'm here to get it right." Brene Brown

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Jodh Dyson

LCSW, KRI Certified, Co-Founder of Urban Yoga Chicago & HealedLovedFed

I've been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2007 and teaching since 2010. I'm always working on myself. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, working primarily with those who have anxiety. I look at yoga and meditation as a life practice that brings tremendous healing and strength. My mission is to help others take a deep breath and step forward. 

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SachKiret Kaur

KRI Certified, Director of Sacred Playground, Doterra Rep

I've been practicing yoga since 2014, teaching kids yoga & meditation since 2016, and to adults since 2017. I'm Mom to my 2 beautiful children, and I sell DoTerra essential oils as a highly versatile, effective, economical & fun natural health solution. With everything I do, it's all about finding peace, contentment, connection, and purpose.

Favorite quote:  

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." -Anais Nin

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Dhyan Bhajan (Ysraelia Sullivan)

KRI Certified, Instructor, Founder of Buddhiful Body Yoga

I've been practicing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for 4 years. I found that this practice complimented my spirituality and spiritual journey. I also found this community to be very encouraging and welcoming when I was extremely nervous about coming into a yoga space. I'm here because I want to share this transformative practice with others who look and may feel like me. 
When I'm not teaching Buddhiful Bodies, I manage a private music lessons & musical theatre school. I'm also a pianist for musical theatre productions and church organist/pianist for 3 churches.

To me, yoga is listening to myself. Meditation is listening to God.

I'm grateful for my four "Fs": Faith, Family, Furbaby (my dog Bennie), and Friends.

My purpose is to show up, be present, elevate others, and grow in the process.

Favorite quote:  

“I am not in competition with ANYONE. Not even myself!”  —ME! 

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Kristen Conn

KRI Certified, Instructor, Co-Founder of Mighty Nest

I've been practicing hatha yoga for over 15 years, and kundalini for 5. Yoga and meditation calms the chaos and aligns the mind with the heart. 

Outside of yoga, 14 years ago, I co-founded, and am the Buyer for, an online business called, which sells natural and organic products.  

My mission is to access my own inner peace and extend that outward to others. 

I'm a parent to two kids, ages 12 & 15, and to a wild puppy!

Favorite quote:  

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou 

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Jot Saraswati (Kelly Mathews)

KRI Certified, Instructor, Founder of Resonance Marketing

I've been practicing yoga since 2014 and became a part of the Urban Yoga Chicago community in 2018.

I found yoga in college after what felt like hitting rock bottom after a challenging breakup. It opened me up to a path of healing and personal growth. A few years later, I walked out of my first kundalini yoga class, and I immediately knew I discovered something significant. Yoga and meditation are tools to unveil deeper, more true aspects of myself. This connection with self is essential to building meaningful relationships and creating positive impact in the world. My mission is to help awaken to our connection with everything...  and exist in ways that honor these relationships and support the wellbeing of all. 

Outside of yoga, I use writing, web design, and marketing strategy to help small business connect more authentically with their ideal clients. It’s actually more of a “healing art” (like yoga) than it may sound.

Favorite Quote:

"Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times." -one of the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age

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