Get in touch with your child self.

Feel good in your own skin.

For Kids Ages 8-88

‚ÄčIf every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.


Remembering that we are born whole, not broken.

The first time we were asked if we had a meditation program for kids, we thought, kids don’t need that. They’re so present! That’s why they can run circles around us in an argument, forcing many parents to end it with “
because I said so!”...which doesn’t command a whole lot. 

Then we realized we were once kids. We were once present.  We had clarity, an acute memory, and felt fearless.  Shame hadn’t gotten the best of us yet. But as adults— we’ve forgotten how to breathe. We live from an anxious, hypersensitive, or depressed state, and we model those manifestations to our children. 

We realized the value in making sure our children know about the toolbox they were born with.  And that they are born whole, not broken.

Transitioning Online

We had been offering Sacred Playground in-person at Urban Yoga Chicago, and covid brought us online. We took some time to consider how to offer Sacred Playground during a time where much of school and other activities are online.  We considered, how much screen time is too much? And how can we deliver healthful, supportive, and transformative content on screen with those issues in mind?

Sacred Playground is a growing library of bite-sized videosaccessible whenever, wherever.

Follow along to practices that foster presence, clarity, fearlessness, and strengthen your sense of self-trust, self-authority, and inner compass.

Bringing wisdom into our children's bodies through the 4 pillars.

The 4 Pillars to Good Health are foundational to the tools and technologies we share at HealedLovedFed. They are basic functions that naturally and often unconsciously happen. When used consciously, they become tools to gain self-authority and to thrive.

In the library of videos, kids will find short, bite-sized lessons that fall under these pillars:

  • Breathing:  To explore how the way they breathe affects their feelings and experiences.
  • Eating:  To wake up their connection to nature and to their own soul through food meditations.
  • Sound: To "code over" negative self-talk by seeding healing vibration in their head, sinuses, throat, and heart center. 
  • Movement: To keep their nervous systems strong and endocrine and digestive systems working. Not just to up-level their capacity to live a happy, healthy life, but also to up-level our future.

"Please, not another school-like online learning platform!"

That's the last thing we want to do. Sacred Playground is meant for kids (and adults alike) to follow along with very little instruction and to experience shifts in their bodies. 

The mind follows when the whole body begins to feel okay. 

Made for Kids, Great for Adults.

Sacred Playground is our kids version of HealedLovedFed, although adults can benefit from both. These videos are intended to quiet the ego (which triggers our reactivity mode) and amplify the voice of their gut and heart brains (which root for our greatness.)

Here's what you'll find in their Sacred Playground Library:

  • Simplified, light, playful practices to get in touch with and soothe their "inner child".
  • Mostly 3 minutes long videos, with stories and sound healing lasting up to 11 minutes.
  • 5-8 new videos added each month.
  • Experiential and "conversational" content with minimal "heady" education.
  • BONUS: Sacred Playground Community Forum- a separate portal for parents to share tools and parenting topics.

For shift to happen, light only needs a crack to shine through for our children to realize that it exists. 

To know it exists is the seed that allows the mind to imagine and create a better, more supportive reality.