Scholarship Program

We don't want money to be the obstacle for you. Help us find your edge, if this is something you want...

While we work consciously to price as reasonably as possible, we understand it doesn’t necessarily make it affordable for everyone. If you know our programs will benefit you, we want to make sure it's accessible. We invite you to apply for scholarship to any of our memberships, courses, or trainings. 

You can’t will money to appear. But two things get you close, no matter who you are, and where you are on the abundance scale: 

  1. Know where your money’s going. Where you put your energy grows as your foundational value. Money as energy shows up stronger than bartering! Invest some money-energy towards personal growth, health, and wellness. Utilized, it can be the best money spent with the highest rate of return. 
  2. Ask for help. If you find value in what we have to offer, and money is the obstacle, we’re here for you.  


Email us the following to: [email protected] 

  1. Your Personal Information
    Full name
    Email Address
    Physical Address (street, city, state, zip)

  2. Program(s) of interest:
     -- HealedLovedFed Membership
     -- Sacred Playground Membership - include children’s name(s), age(s), and name of attending school… or let us know if this is for you
     -- Course(s) (please list): 

  3. Attach any one of the following documents:

     -- Proof of public assistance (Medicaid, free or reduced lunch, unemployment, etc)
     -- Most recent 1040, pay stub, bank or other statement that shows income

  4. Share why or how you believe you’d benefit from joining HealedLovedFed's membership or course. 

  5. Let us know much can you afford.

Your Questions Answered