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There's something about the habit of getting up at the crack of dawn and meditating that primes you for deeper satisfaction in your day and life. Every morning, the choice is between momentary comfort and momentum. When you choose momentum, you start your day actively still, helping you conquer your mind, body, and time. Here are some benefits of this advanced form of simple self care - advanced in its benefits, simple enough for beginners.

  • Life starts being less of an uphill battle and more miraculous.
  • You stop playing catch up and fire fighting, and you start celebrating more.
  • You notice that you're working through challenges with greater ease.
  • Time becomes more generous with you.
  • You begin to believe in yourself, and that has you stepping into your day with more grace and courage.

This first daily habit - early morning meditation - does all that for you.

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It's sooo hard to create consistency for that long, right?

It wasn't until we did our first 40 day practice (decades ago) that we learned how to truly show up for ourselves. Developing consistency and trust in Self, regardless of circumstances, is how DREAMS are brought into reality. Seriously.

And it starts that one small, daily commitment.



Attaining Self Mastery Course Kundalini Yoga Ayurveda Meditation Yogic Philosophy Group Coaching


Sadhana means personal spiritual practice.

Spiritual means to know yourself.

Huddle means to come together.


The Sadhana Huddle - 30 minutes of morning meditation + journaling - is Morning Maven Club's core practice.

The ideal time for Sadhana is generally before sunrise - depending on the part of the world - sometimes as early as 3:45, and often around 4:30 or 5 am. Our Sadhana Huddle begins at 4 am Pacific Time, 7 am Eastern. Our Eastern Mavens (and some Central Time Mavens) will often start with their own yoga practice and join us for the meditation. 

Coming together for meditation allows you to simply show up, leave the "what to do next" to Savitree (HLF's co-founder and Sadhana Huddle facilitator), get spiritual support, accountability and increased confidence in your practice.

Attaining Self Mastery Course Kundalini Yoga Ayurveda Meditation Yogic Philosophy Group Coaching
Habits affect will-power: Morning meditation is the fastest, most effective way to change habits.

Join the Sadhana Huddle for 30 minutes of meditation, stretch, and soul-journaling every weekday morning (M-F). 

Daily morning rise encourages better habits the night before which sets you up for sounder, more restful sleep and how you get up the next morning and step into the rest of your day. It also resets your mind and body to the circadian rhythms of nature, which translates into less effort to achieve better results.

Daily morning meditation (approx 20 min) connects you to your body's intelligence. It helps you pick up the subtleties that are the source of your experiences. It gives you access to gratitude. Soul journaling (approx 5 min) captures your clarity before they get buried by the distractions of the day.

As you build your reservoir, your daily habits and energy leans further and further into joy, good health, and peace of mind as a natural state of being. 

Physiology affects perspective: enter Kundalini Yoga

Offered 5 days a week (M, T, Th, F, Sa), this form of yoga recalibrates your mind-body system: your nervous, glandular, lymphatic, digestive, and circulatory systems + strengthens your mental faculties. It doesn't look like the typical yoga practice. It puts you under a pressure cooker to help you activate your internal resources and natural healing powers.

It takes a community of like minds and highly intentioned people who want to grow

Our weekly group sessions bring tools, conversation and understanding to your practices and helps you leverage your insights and experiences to support your life goals.

We integrate navigational (emotions + spiritual hungers) and productivity tools (habit stacking + calendaring) with your mind-body practice (meditation + yoga) to deliver personal freedom.

What happens on your own time

We provide a Success Path Roadmap that takes you through a 3-stage journey + Wellness Assessments that you'll take at your own pace, with the support of our team, whether it's via a 20 minute call, email support, or through community forum and resources.


Morning Habit Mentor and Co-Founder of HLF

For over 15 years, Savitree has been guiding clients using kundalini yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and spiritually guided productivity tools to shift their physiology and mindset in support of their highest purpose. She helps women deepen trust in themselves and simplify their next steps to accelerate their life vision. 



"With a committed sadhana practice and wellness routine, I’ve gained confidence, strength, and a sense of flow in my life that I never believed was possible."

— Vicki K.

"If you were to ask me what I value most in my daily life I would answer family, health and my daily Sadhana."

— Julie M.

"The morning sadhana has probably had more of an impact than anything else. There is just something different about my day when I attend this class. I don’t know if I can quantify it but definitely a sense of calm and focus that was missing before, as well as a sense of acceptance."

— Faye W.

"Developing a morning Sadhana has been one of the most effective tools. It's no longer hard for me to keep up with my daily practice, and before it was."

— Susan C.

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