The level of trust you have in yourself is directly influenced by your habits.

  • When you trust in yourself, you get healed, loved, and fed.

  • When you're healed, loved, and fed, the world is¬†healed loved and fed.

  • When we do this together, we get there faster.

Yoga and wellness meets productivity and life success in our online programs.

We believe that...


  • When we get healed, loved, and fed, the world gets healed loved and fed

  • When we do this together, we get there today instead of tomorrow.

  • Our habits determine how well we believe in ourselves.

  • When we believe in ourselves, we get healed, loved, and fed.

We combine time-honored spiritual practices with energy boosting tools to connect you to your body's intelligence and deep sense of Joy.


Know yourself. Be yourself.

Through years of coaching, teaching, training, and experiencing them for ourselves through our own personal and spiritual journey—we honed in on what has had the biggest impact on the lives of our clients and ourselves. It's not any one of these alone but the combination of practices that help you get to know yourself better and be yourself easier.

Kundalini Yoga

It takes you straight there. This practice turns what you hope to escape from into what you want to celebrate. It starts with your nervous system.

Morning Meditation

Daily practice, aka Sadhana, not just sets the tone for the day but cultivates the powerful yet gentle grit and constancy to deliver trust in Self.

Soul Journaling

Whereas meditation brings the Universe to you, soul journaling anchors its intelligence that you've connected to in a way the ego can remember and work with.


To understand and heed your emotions and spiritual hungers is to leverage your inner compass to navigate life empowered and authentically.

Habit Stacking

The to-do list keeps you stuck in the never-ending overwhelm. Calendaring & Habit Stacking focuses on your truest values, desires, and priorities.


Open discussion with others on this wellness journey is an essential resource to tap into to stay plugged into a sense of safety and strength in your Self.

Meet your coaches & instructors

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