Meet Savitree and Jodh

Co-Founders of HealedLovedFed and Urban Yoga Chicago. 

Stressed, anxious, and burnt out from taking care of everything else first... we needed to feel healed, loved and fed. Somewhere along the way into adulthood, we felt duped and we wanted our lives back. 

While we came from different backgrounds and life choices, we both suffered anxiety and digestive issues. 

Inclined towards skepticism, we both found it helpful to know how and why things worked. And also how WE work.

We found that the key to taking advantage of the resources around us was knowing what we needed at any given time. 

Having peers and mentors around to explain what we were going through was a game changer. Because doing life-altering work can feel lonely otherwise.

We found our way, and it was our turn to give back.

See our stories below. 


I feel relieved, inspired, energized, and heard. I really feel lighter and more joyful. I now have focus and accountability. By sharing my feelings around your pointed questions, it helped me move through to the present, the best place to be. My self-esteem is now on higher ground. Thank you, Savitree for your expertise, wise nature, intentional questioning and conscious listening.
–Katie Bowen

Urban Yoga and it's teachers are changing my life. I attend classes, workshops and gratefully receive private instruction from Jodh. I appreciate her unwavering support of my life journey of mindful learning. 

-Phil Goss

Urban Yoga Chicago is our bricks-and-mortar Evanston studio. It's where our community has been gathering to practice, learn, share, cook, dine, challenge, laugh, cry, and grow together. In response to covid, we've created this online space and called it HealedLovedFed. 

If you—

  • feel like you are continuously juggling time and money, especially for yourself
  • feel exhausted 
  • hurt
  • want to ROAR from anger, pride, hurt, desperation, and injustice

Join us. 

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