"HealedLovedFed" may not roll off the tongue so easily… 

It’s meant to slow you down.
Say it again.  A couple of times.
How does it feel in your body?


is an online yoga and wellness community of highly intentioned, spiritually inclined people who want mind-body-spirit wellness and access to peer and teacher support to hold them through their journey. 

This community is for you if you're seeking:
  • Wellness and connection with Self
  • Physical and mental health
  • A meaningful life that you love
  • Clarity, strength, and courage
  • Peer connection and mentor support

"Urban Yogis" become HealedLovedFed

Urban Yoga Chicago is our brick-and-mortar studio in Evanston, IL.  It’s where our community had been gathering to practice, learn, share, cook, eat, laugh, cry, and grow together.  HealedLovedFed was originally created in response to covid so that we may continue to connect with and serve our members in every way possible, uninterrupted and accessible regardless of location, weather, or lockdown status.

It has become a necessary and transformative online space to get the wellness practice and the elevated and personal support we all need to go beyond weathering the storm and to thrive. 

Here's Jodh and Savitree

The founders of HealedLovedFed & Urban Yoga Chicago

Somewhere along the way into adulthood, we felt duped, and we wanted our lives back.

Stressed, anxious, and burnt out from taking care of everything else first, we needed healing, loving, and to feel fed. 

While we came from completely different backgrounds and life experiences, we both suffered anxiety and digestive issues. Inclined toward science and skepticism, we both found it helpful to know how and why things work. We eventually came to realize that it was even more helpful to know how WE work.

As freeing as it is to become unshackled, transformation can feel lonely, and it's tempting to fall back because of that. The transitional periods were hard to make sense of...  for us as well as for those around us. Identifying and embracing the resources around us, and finding the right peers and mentors to witness and support our journey, was the game changer.

We found our way, our voice, our community, and we created the life that we love.

We are strongly called to help others do the same.

Which brings us to you.

We feel so blessed to have found each other, done the work, to continue to do more work with the support of our mentors and peers, and to have dedicated ourselves to helping you do the work. 

We know that in order to make positive change and be fulfilled in our lives, both in our work and in our lives, we can't dip our toes, sit on the fence, go in halfway, or second guess. We know that it takes strength and courage to make decisions that often seem at odds with the pull around you. We know that this strength and courage can only be accessed through commitment.  

Well, we are all in. We're in for our own continued growth, and we're in to serve yours.

We encourage you to be all in for yourself as well. It's a refreshing way to live, and that commitment brings the clarity you want, to pursue your dreams, and to serve others, without frying out.

We're here for you every step of the way. It is our commitment to you. 

HealedLovedFed and their delivery of yoga and wellness has unquestionably changed my life. Thanks to Jodh and Savitree who are genuine, wise, and consistently welcoming, the path has been paved in a serious way. Somehow all our individual paths are paved by these angelic, cosmic guides who appear to exist simply to help us each live authentically in our crazy lives, here on this Earth. 

-Anna G. 

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