"HealedLovedFed" may not roll off the tongue so easily… 

It’s meant to slow you down.
Say it again.  A couple of times.
What does it do to your body?
May we be healed, loved, and fed.

"Urban Yogis" Take It Online…

HealedLovedFed is an online yoga and wellness support platform. It was first created for members of Urban Yoga Chicago in response to covid to keep up with the practice that has been integral to our lives.

This practice is for anyone seeking:
  • A sense of wellness and connection with self
  • Physical and mindful exercise
  • Spiritual awakening and reckoning
  • A healthy and curious mind
  • Peer connection and support

Where We Started

Urban Yoga Chicago is our brick-and-mortar studio in Evanston, IL.  It’s where our community has been gathering to practice, learn, share, cook, dine, challenge, laugh, cry, and grow together.  Our online membership-based platform now makes much needed connection and transformation easier to access, no matter where you live.

Meet Jodh and Savitree

The Founders of HealedLovedFed and Urban Yoga Chicago

Somewhere along the way into adulthood, we felt duped.  We wanted our lives back...

Stressed, anxious, and burnt out from taking care of everything else first.  We needed to feel healed, loved, and fed.

While we came from different backgrounds and life choices, we both suffered anxiety and digestive issues.  Inclined toward skepticism, we both found it helpful to know how and why things works.  And also how WE work—mind and body.

Life-altering work can feel lonely at times.  Taking advantage of resources around us and having peers and mentors explaining what we were going through was a game changer.

We found our way, and it was our turn to give back.

"Urban Yoga and its teachers are changing my life.
I attend classes, workshops and gratefully receive private instruction from Jodh. I appreciate her unwavering support of my life journey of mindful learning."



Learn More About Membership

If you feel exhausted from continuously juggling time and money, and want to ROAR from anger, pride, hurt, desperation and injustice…

Join us.


Renews at $122/month afterward.