Our habits decide our future

The biggest benefit of any daily practice is doing the practice daily.

Then there's the benefit of the chosen meditation.

If you look at what you're most consistent at in your day-to-day, you'll get a clue as to why things may or may not be working for you in each specific area of your life. Because you get really good at what you do (or don't do).

And that's good news! Because that means you can change what you want to change.

Not only do the most successful people live this, but so say the yoga sutras:

You have to have consistent effort for a long time, and with enthusiasm (devotion) to be successful. - Yoga Sutra 1.14

HealedLovedFed heals, loves, and feeds your soul's desires by giving you the infrastructure and support you need to create the powerful habits and consistency you’ve been dying to make a part of your BEing to make your dreams happen.

Those that are serious about being happy, healthy, and living the life they love...           meditate

Morning meditation is practiced by many of the highest achievers because it taps them into a positive, more joyful, and motivated state. It brings clarity, inner strength, and sets the tone for the day while most of the world hits the snooze button. Morning meditation strengthens discipline and grit as well as inner peace and compassion.

Our membership focuses on daily morning meditation and lifestyle practices to create a healthful, joyful, and more purposeful you. 

Make life a lot less stressful

Goal setting doesn’t seem very yogic or spiritual, but it is. It's what allows you to go with the flow without losing your way.

In fact, it’s living yoga, aka yoga off the mat. It’s not only excellent practice for checking your mental chatter, tantrums, and sense of self worth, you’re also creating a roadmap for your life, increasing the chances of creating one that you desire.

Goal setting is something I have never consciously done. I look at others who set a goal, I never did it and things kind of worked out but I think life would have been smoother and less angst filled if I knew I could have set goals. LIke the [exercise] we did... I said I would pay off my mortgage and pay off debt…and creating a plan for that… makes life less stressful. - Nancy B. 

Here's Savitree & Jodh

The founders of HealedLovedFed

We found ourselves unable to explain how we got here. This couldn't be it. We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Though we said yes to every content in our lives, this wasn't our dream. It felt devoid of the joy that... we were entitled to. Right? 

Though we came from different backgrounds, vocations, and life experiences, we both suffered from anxiety and digestive issues. Perhaps they stemmed from our inability accept (digest) what was and were feeling stuck about it.

Inclined toward science and skepticism, we wanted to know how and why things worked. We eventually came to realize that it was more helpful to know how WE work. This was the life changer.

As freeing as it is to become unshackled, transformation can feel lonely, and it's tempting to fall back because of that. The transitional periods are hard to make sense of. Finding the right peers and mentors to witness and support our journey was pivotal.

We found our way, our support systems, and our voice, and we created it: the life we love.

We are committed to help you do the same.

Which brings us to you.

In order to make positive change and be fulfilled, both in work and in relationship, you can't dip your toes, sit on the fence, go in halfway, or second guess. It takes strength and courage to make decisions that often seem at odds with the pull around you. This strength and courage can only be accessed through commitment.  

We are all in.

We encourage you to be all in for yourself too. It's a refreshing and liberating way to live, and commitment brings the clarity you want, to pursue your dreams, and to take care of others, without frying out.

We're here for you every step of the way. It is our commitment to you. 

HealedLovedFed has unquestionably changed my life. Thanks to Jodh and Savitree who are genuine, wise, and consistently welcoming, the path has been paved in a serious way. Somehow all our individual paths are paved by these angelic, cosmic guides who appear to exist simply to help us each live authentically in our crazy lives, here on this Earth. 

-Anna G.