We are an online spiritual community 

that shares lifestyle tools, meditation, conversation, and yoga to help you... 

...relax into yourself
...find the energy and courage to do what really matters
...make the physiological shifts for making scary decisions
...bridge the gaps between spiritual ideals and real world issues

Because the world calls for a spiritual reckoning. 


HealedLovedFed was first created for members of Urban Yoga Chicago in response to covid, so that we could keep up with the practice that's been integral to our sense of wellness and connection. Physical & mindful exercise, spiritual awakening & reckoning, a healthy & curious mind, and connection through community is vital for both our body's  - and our world's - immune systems.   

Meditation Exercise-

Said quickly, "HealedLovedFed" may not roll off the tongue so easily. It's meant to slow you down.

Say it again. A couple of times. See what it does to your body. 

May we be healed, loved, and fed. 


Our Mission is 3-fold:
  1. To deliver a yoga practice that is real-life, serviceful, committed, social, political, non-bypassing, and non-binary.
  2. To inspire courage and fire to take care of Self and each other.
  3. To create a safe space in which we can honor each other's processes and call each other in. 


Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We use our yoga practice as a tool to check in with ourselves first. To listen, learn, do the hard work, and at the same time realize our gifts - both individually and together. We practice and foster openness, humility, perspective, advocacy, and expression. We strive to create a safe space for all bodies to practice yoga and connection. We're committed to fostering an environment that people of all backgrounds, cultures, and identities find relevant and worth being a part of.

"The practices are transformational, and the community is the most welcoming and supportive. Urban Yoga has been pivotal in my growth journey, and I am beyond grateful."

Kelly Mathews

"Urban Yoga and it's teachers are changing my life. I attend classes, workshops and gratefully receive private instruction from Jodh. The studio is cozy and inspirational. The sense of community is strong, and supports the goals of kundalini. I appreciate Urban Yoga and it's unwavering support of my life journey of mindful learning."

Phillip Goss

"Almost magically, the doubt and fears have diminished and given way to the sweeter stronger poetics of life. I'm a better mother. I'm a better artist. I'm a better citizen. I'm a better daughter. I'm a better girlfriend. Perhaps most critically, I'm better at being myself. It feels good."

Liz Lazar

"Thank you for making UYC a refuge and a real community. We all need that. It’s never been just a place to take a class, I always feel the love, even when I have times when I am struggling to know how to receive it. I finally understand what it means to “hold space.” "

Lisa K

"UYC has unquestionably changed my life. They bring self-help knowledge to ACTION. I often found myself in conversations where I second-guessed every word I said. Call it anxiety or extreme self-doubt, but it’s NOT a way to live. POOF! This debilitating habit vanished. Thanks to the genuine, wise, and consistently welcoming founders, the path has been paved for us by these angelic, cosmic guides who appear to exist simply to help us live authentically while on this Earth. I can’t say enough about this practice. Thank you!!"

Anna Gratzl

"I do not have enough words to express my gratitude, love, and happiness with this practice and community. Three years ago I started with joint pain and morning stiffness. I was attended by different specialists and they performed all possible exams and they were all normal, but the pain continued to worsen and spread to my knees, elbows and feet. I am a doctor and I had the opportunity to actively participate in the process and it was extremely sad and frustrating. After my fifth class the pain improved 80%. After my first month, I am pain-free. I feel blessed and happy. I am more connected with my true self and my needs. I have improved my nutrition and breathing just because my body requires it. On the other hand, the love that these teachers put into what they do can be felt everywhere. The community is amazing. They are all inspirational, passionate, caring and loving, always willing to support. It really has been the best thing that could have happened to me and I am grateful! "

Lili R

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