There's a stronger safety net in risk-taking

Sep 14, 2021

The shitstorms we experience in our lives call on us to take inventory of what we don’t want and what we do want. 

And then we get to make a change. 

Change doesn’t happen by being polite, listening to others at our own expense, or taking months or years to figure out how to move forward with as many nods as possible. It happens because we decided to follow our own path and play it big. 

That’s what we call our Dharma. Living our truth. 

Doing so takes a...

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Deal with it or get dealt with

Sep 07, 2021

When you’re feeling stuck or blocked, stop and acknowledge it. 
You don’t have to “push through”, ignore it, or send it to the back of your mind to deal with later. 

Later is never convenient. 
Later is disruptive. 
Later rarely helps the situation. 

Take time now to sit with what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing. 
If you’re busy and think you have no time, set a timer for 10 minutes. Turn off your phone, close your...

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Meditations to balance your entire life and give you energy

Aug 31, 2021

We have 8 energy centers, or chakras.

Actually, we have more than 8, but the first 8 make the first octave. The first 7 are located in your physical body, and the 8th - the magnetic field - surrounds your entire physical body.

These energy centers govern how we perceive and respond to life.

From the first through the 8th, here's what each energy center governs

  1. your sense of security. Security can be about your next meal or the roof over your head, but it also comes in the form of acceptance...
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Slow start

Aug 23, 2021

I used to launch myself out of bed in the morning as soon as my alarm went off. I blame this on years of being oncall and waking to the horrid sound of my pager going off. When I heard that sound, my heart started pounding and I was out of bed and on the phone in a blink. I prided myself on sounding “awake” even though I was fast asleep only moments earlier. I continued to wake up this way for years after my oncall days. It was a habit. In my home, we call this the fast start to...

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How boundaries make relationships

Aug 18, 2021

BOUNDARY: a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line. (Oxford Dictionary)


We are surrounded by boundaries. Maps remind us of the lines that divide lands from bodies of water. Continents, countries, states, cities-- maps show us where they all “begin” and “end”. Blueprints show us the boundaries of our homes, and where the fences should go up between neighbors. Even within our homes, we have specially designated spaces such as “family...

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What to do when someone gives you the stinkeye

Aug 10, 2021

Imagine if you could be curious about everything like when you were a child.

"What if I did this?  What would happen?"

It was playful. The world was filled with wonder. 

And, you survived the what ifs.
They got you much further in life than you think. In fact, those
what ifs that you played out are often the fond memories you carry today.

What you may not have learned is how to translate the negative feedback from the world when your what ifs didn’t please them. You took...

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Recognizing when to keep going and when to step off

Aug 03, 2021

In yoga, you’re asked  to find that line where you’re uncomfortable and play in that discomfort. Work with your breath to manage the discomfort. Learn when to push that discomfort a bit more. Know when to back off. 

Working through discomfort on the mat allows you to work through it off the mat. It also sharpens your ability to tune yourself to recognize when something doesn’t feel right and pivot. 

Sometimes the message is - I’m scared right now, but...

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Flexibility & relaxation? Here's what Kundalini Yoga really does

Jul 28, 2021

When we say we teach Kundalini Yoga, here's where people go:

I'm not flexible.
I do hot yoga.
What is that?
I did it once in L.A. a long time ago.
Do you do in-person?

Forget dancer pose, unusual flexibility, and simple relaxation (which you can get from wine and massage, right?). Here's what Kundalini Yoga really does... and when our team says they teach Kundalini Yoga, this is what they're saying they can do for you...

This practice changed my life. My issues were all mental. I had so much...

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KISS: Keep it so simple

Jul 20, 2021

When embarking on your wellness journey, you may create expectations for yourself to “help” you get started. For example, “I need a new yoga mat (or cushion)” or “I need to create my meditation space with incense, candles, and photos.” 

These rules don’t help, they hinder you. You judge yourself for not doing it “right” or “good enough”. As a result, you either don’t get started, or quit before experiencing the...

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Don't use meditation to relax...

Jul 13, 2021

...when you can use it to become alive.

Meditation calms the mind -  not to put you to sleep, but to wake you up.

Meditation pulls you in - not so you can't see, but so you can.

Meditation has you feel more, not less. And rather than being afraid, you become more connected to your values.

Meditation will get you in touch with your rage. So that instead of walling up (which happens when you suppress your rage), you set healthy boundaries (which happens when you harness it). And, you...

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