Relaxation creates miracles. Not worry.

Aug 11, 2020


"Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax." -David Allen



Consider the idea that you have enough time in the day to get everything truly important done without rushing, and without sacrificing the important stuff that you'd care about on your deathbed.

I considered this seriously, and I continue to. 

I use it as a self-coaching tool when I feel like I don’t have enough time in the day, or when I feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated, and powerless (meaning I can’t get anything to go the way I want it to).
I look at: 

  • how I work with and relate to others
    how much I take on
    the quality of what I take on to get to my desired result (and do I know what my desired result is?)
    and if what I’m doing contains self-care. Self Care can mean getting enough sleep, but it also means doing the stuff I think I dread, that, in the end, takes me a step closer to the greatness that I...
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Re-Connecting with Friends

Aug 04, 2020
This morning I heard from a friend that I hadn't talked to in more than a year. It touched me deeply that she reached out to me and apologized for not staying in touch. Before this past year, we would often have coffee dates to talk and catch up with each other. Life moves so fast that I'm realizing now (by the lump in my throat) how much I missed that connection.
About a month ago, I received a call from an old friend I hadn't seen in almost 15 years. I called her back and we played phone tag. Finally when we spoke, we learned that she must've pocket dialed me and didn't mean to call the first time. But we spent an hour talking that day and several hours together a couple of weeks later when she was in town. Though much has changed over the years, the connection was still there and we didn't miss a beat. It felt good to be together again.
It's humbling and healing to reconnect with an old friend. To apologize and to accept apology. We get busy and time...
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Black Lives Matter + your own healing

Jun 14, 2020

Being devoted to Spirit means being devoted to social justice. 
-Layla Saad, spiritual teacher and author

HealedLovedFed is about changing both physiology and the inner and outer dialogue to support healthy, joyful, and abundant living. The physiologies of our bodies and of our communities are interwoven and can't be treated separately. 

To think that spirituality, personal growth, and politics can be practiced separately is a mistake of the intellect. Politics are in dire need of humanity as our economic force, and this can only come from a heart-centered paradigm.

We don't have to agree on everything (that's not even realistic), but we can learn to talk to, and learn from, each other with kindness (not to be mistaken with politeness and agreeability) and compassion (not to be mistaken with lack of healthy boundaries or discernment). We all come from different backgrounds, experiences, education, and privilege. We all have the capacity to open up and...

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