Why settle for an artificial energy boost when you can have sustained energy?

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There are reasons

you wake up exhausted or feel like you need a nap during the day and can’t wait for bedtime, and then have trouble falling asleep… even if you’ve had enough sleep the night before, or took that nap, and steered clear of the usual food suspects. 


There’s also a reason you feel achy, even after you’ve stretched, drank enough water, and taken your natural remedies or ibuprofen. 


You may be holding back.


It’s like your soul is trying to step on the accelerator, to go forward a little bit, and your head just won’t let the foot off the brakes. It messes up the nervous system, makes you over-sensitive and confused as to how to get your life back. 


Yes, your symptoms are real; they're not just in your head. As you might already know, dis-ease ignored long enough eventually manifests into diagnosable disease. So I’m talking about getting to the root of the problem: the Big Yearn that you’ve been suppressing; the thing without which you're feeling inauthentic. This wreaks havoc on your body. 


It’s making you tired. 


Here's what it's NOT telling you to do: it’s not telling you to hit the snooze button, or to reach for that morning coffee. It's telling you to pay attention to a much more potent stimulant: your core values and dreams.


The thing you keep putting off because you’re busy with your to-do list, or putting out fires. Sure, talk to your doctors about your aches and pains. At the same time - and more importantly - listen to your body. Get in the habit of doing that. See what it wants. 


I have a simple 3-step ritual to help you get there. I call it

the SE2 Ritual

(Sustained Energy & Soul Expression). 


You’re going to feel set free.

You’ll remember what’s important to you, and you’ll have a way to tend to it today instead of somewhere down the line in a vague distance. You’ll wake up knowing that the day is yours...
and you might start forgetting about that morning coffee. Which has a rolling impact on everything else. This is about conquering your life.  


Six Weeks to Sustained Energy + Soul Expression (SE2) takes you through a daily ritual that shifts your habits at the most basic level. SE2 gets your mind in alignment with your body’s intelligence and your soul’s yearnings. It provides you with a powerful container that boost your day, making it easy to align with your core values and dreams. 


SE2 gives you step by step daily guidance + option to work with me when you need the extra support. Don’t worry, the changes won’t have you quitting your life, but they will forklift and accelerate you. You’ll have yourself again. You'll find your next steps, your unique superpowers will be activated, and your energy will be Gold.

I promise. 

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"Caterpillar holds the grand dream of becoming all that it can be... with no limitations, it reaches out to become its greatest expression of self.

Putting everything aside, it follows the drive to evolve. Caterpillar teaches us to do the same, to find our power to transform in deep meditation, to go into the cocoon and emerge as a greater aspect of self… believing in the possibilities that with faith all things great and small are possible, and to remember that the grand and beautiful things have very humble beginnings."

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Go from


exhaustion to energy 


as a way of life.

Your journey can be as magical - and as effortless - as that of the butterfly.

Over the six weeks, I'll introduce the 3 beautiful stages of the butterfly's journey as a way to offer a high level, sustainable perspective in your shift from exhaustion to energy.


You're crawling. And you're filled with yearning and visions of new ways of being. You feel overwhelmed by your day, unable to make clear decisions or feel too tired to stick to them. You wonder if you'll ever feel free.
This is the time for you to nourish yourself and prepare to turn inward to tap into your divine frequency.
You go in. You make the 'sacred surrender,' meaning, to your highest potential instead of to external expectations. Your new ritual begins to unleash the real you, expressed through your core values and desires.  
This is where you play with boundaries, lean into your inner wisdom, and experience what it feels like to live into your true self.
You're flying. You have vitality, purpose, and pure Joy. You have command over time. Your relationships are cranking. And you're making a difference just by your presence. People want what you have.
You have command over your day and you look forward to it! You experience serendipity and wonder, was it always there?

The SE2 Ritual:

3 Keys

to Sustained Energy & Soul Expression 

This ritual brings 
productivity + spiritual practice into your daily life.

to be Spiritual is to know yourself intimately, that you trust in, and act on, your core values and desires.

In six weeks, you will...
  • Get clear on your core values, priorities, and desires.
  • Increase your capacity to trust, take action, and feel Joy.
  • Get and know how to maintain a relaxed-energized state that you can count on. 

Key #1

Habit Stack

Ditch the dreaded to-do list, pair it with Calendaring, and unleash your superpowers

Key #2


Use meditation to boost your day instead of to escape it

Key #3


Quell your monkey mind and nourish it with something much
better to 
work with
I'm ready to integrate the 3 keys!

Key #1: Habit Stacking


Ditch the to-do list, and start making progress on your truest priorities.

Key #2: Meditation


Use meditation to activate your authentic self (instead of trying to escape stress).

Key #3: Soul-Journaling


Amplify your own inner voice so you can align your mind with your soul’s desires.

SE2 creates constancy

which builds self-trust and equanimity,
which delivers sustained energy.
Which delivers Joy. 
Are you ready for it?
I'm ready!

About Savitree

Breath, Meditation, & Sustained Energy Coach

Savitree has been teaching kundalini yoga & meditation since 2006 and integrating it with practical Ayurveda, productivity, journaling, mindset, and other wellness lifestyle modalities. She meets her students and clients where they are using the combinations that best fits their needs.

Having come from the world of floor trading and “head hunting” (recruiting), she walks the line between the spiritual practice of “sit and be” and the urban householder tendency to “go and get” to find her own middle path of moderation and ease. She teaches her clients how to fuse non-attachment with desire, both essential parts of the joyful human experience as well as to be of service to others.

Savitree has an almost magical ability to infuse ancient knowledge and apply it as a living, healing art in our modern, day-to-day lives. She is able to use it and transmit it to her students as a tool for transformation in the present moment. 
- Laura P, Chicago, IL
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What You Get

Wellness Assessments  |  $165 value

Get a snapshot of where you are today and where you want to go. Define tangible actions for you to achieve your desired state.   

Daily Soul Journaling Prompts  |  $97 value

Get a journal prompt for each day so you can practice using your body’s intelligence. Allow your truth to emerge on paper for you to have, hold, and trust.

Meditation Training  |  $495 value

Learn to use meditation in a way that will profoundly change your life. Through your daily practice, you’ll get your most honest questions answered and learn to tap into your inner well of resources.

Daily Breathing & Meditation Guidance  |  $97 value

Practice daily breathing and meditation on your own time with this easy-to-follow video.

Body Intelligence Training  |  $495 value

Merge the two worlds of spirituality and productivity to experience peace and magic in your life. You will access body intelligence through meditation and soul-journaling and advance it through habit stacking.

Lessons in Calendaring  |  $900 value

Learn a heart-centered way of making decisions and laying out your days according to your personal value. This practice honors where you are today and works at your desired pace to get you where you want to go.

Habit Stacking  |  $200 value

Take the guesswork and negotiation out of making new habits stick. Making profound changes is EASY with this tool. This includes optional text support when you need them.

1:1 Laser Focused Coaching Call  |  $65 value

Upon joining the course, you’ll schedule your 15-minute laser-focused call to get you started on your very first stack.

Continuous Support  |  $500+ value

Just about every page within the online portal has space for questions, comments, and shares - plus, an option to get WhatsApp text support. I respond to every question, giving you the necessary support throughout the six weeks without the need to set aside appointment time and additional resources. I'm here for you.

Total value: $3014. 
An incredible deal for Sustained Energy + Soul Expression.
Yet, I have distilled this down to a simple daily ritual that evolves as you evolve... and made it super accessible, repeatable, and something you can own forever.
For $279 (for now).


I'm ready

What People Are Saying

"I’ve gained confidence, strength, and a sense of flow in my life that I never believed was possible."

— Vicki K.

I was just thinking how much this course has influenced me. I still follow my habit stacks, and before I commit to something I find myself thinking, is this a red?

— Faye W.

"There’s no way I could have accessed the clarity, focus, and momentum to launch my business (and successfully run it for 3+ years) without having found these practices."

— Kelly M.

This program is smart, flexible, strategic and spiritual. I’m so grateful for this course! I would happily do it again.
- Julie L.

Plug into yourself (we'll show you how) so you can have the energy to be fully in alignment with your Soul's desires in 2023.

We begin Monday January 9th and end Friday February 17th. 


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Why settle for an artificial energy boost when you can have sustained energy?


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