science, physiology and gut/brain connection behind stress and anxiety kundalini yoga
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Use self-inquiry and timely action to manage (and move beyond!) the stress and anxiety in your life

Putting a bandage on the discomfort of stress and anxiety isn’t EVER going to cut it. There’s real physiology and unmet needs behind what you’re experiencing, and in order to start releasing its grip on your life—self-inquiry and timely action are needed.

  • Learn the science, physiology, and gut/brain connection behind stress and anxiety.
  • Identify stressors, your current coping tools, and how stress affects you.
  • Understand the importance of the stress response cycle and how to complete it.
  • Build your toolbox so you can take timely action.
  • Experience a variety of tools, such as breathing meditations, movement & nature, dancing, and laughing.
  • Reflect on what unmet needs may be contributing to how you feel.
  • Be inspired to leverage rest, intimacy, imagination, creativity, and social interaction when you need it most.

Along the way, Jodh layers her personal story of managing and moving beyond chronic symptoms of stress and anxiety. The insights and wisdom she shares are also informed by her work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and yoga & meditation teacher, the work of clinical psychologist Dr. Peter Levine, and numerous books on burnout, trauma, and healing.

These activities directly affect how we feel… and how we feel reflects how we experience life. If you want to optimize your health, wellbeing, and experience as a human—start with the basics!

Made with love,
by Jodh

Co-Founder of HLF, LCSW, Transformational Coach, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher