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We woke up in our mid-30s feeling like our lives were hijacked, getting up to the alarm every morning to live another day that didn't scratch the itch, or the surface of where we thought life could go. We were stubborn and rebellious, so it took some hard lessons before finally finding our way... hopefully now so your journey feels a little safer, easier, and a lot less lonely.    

The secret is in the simple habits that create you and your life experience. We love our lives. We want for you the same.

 Humbly, Savitree & Jodh

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Love Your Life Membership

This memberhip provides you with simple daily habit shifting accountability, support, and 40 day challenges to unleash your innate superpowers - the qualities that break through stuckness and let you fly. The foundation is in the daily morning meditation practice and the habits that support it.

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Attaining Self Mastery

This 6-week mastercourse delves into the core principles of self mastery with practices and exercises to access your soul's desires and define your life purpose related goals. We'll explore the power of kundalini yoga, circadian wisdom, conscious communication, and yogic philosophy.

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I feel better, stronger, healthier, more vibrant. Unencumbered by fret and apprehension, I can think clearly and follow through productively.

Cookie Gluck



Anna Gratzl

HealedLovedFed has unquestionably changed my life. After years of seeking self-help guidance, their... my practice brings knowledge to ACTION.

"Almost magically, the doubt and fears have diminished and given way to the sweeter stronger poetics of life. I'm a better mother. I'm a better artist.  I'm a better citizen. I'm a better daughter.  I'm a better girlfriend.  Perhaps most critically, I'm better at being myself.  It feels good. 


Liz Lazar

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Become a Morning Maven and Love Your Life

Most of us spend the entire day managing busyness. Love Your Life has you creating your life instead of managing it by helping you make small yet profound, life altering, habit shifts. You will strengthen your discipline, discernment, focus, and ability to truly self-care. 

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