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Stressed.  Anxious.  Overworked. Caring for everyone but yourself.  Frustrated with your marriage.  Life hijacked your happiness.  Want to ROAR from anger, hurt, desperation and injustice...

Yeah, we’ve been there, too.

HealedLovedFed is designed to help you:

  • Find time and energy to do what you really want.
  • Have inspiration to sustain your goals and dreams.
  • Reclaim your feelings.
  • Find your voice.
  • Unlock internal resources to get what you want out of life.
  • Continue to show up for your responsibilities and those you care for and support.

"Almost magically, the doubt and fears have diminished and given way to the sweeter stronger poetics of life.  I'm a better mother.  I'm a better artist.  I'm a better citizen.  I'm a better daughter.  I'm a better girlfriend.  Perhaps most critically, I'm better at being myself.  It feels good."


The first mini-course you receive gives you The 4 Pillars to Good Health...

These pillars are foundational to the tools and technologies we share at HealedLovedFed—including our livestream kundalini yoga classes, yoga and meditation videos, mini-courses, and community forum.

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Where did The 4 Pillars come from?

Each of these pillars are activities that you already do in your daily life, simply by default.  But when we learn to use them, not by default, they are powerful tools to attain what Ayurveda--the oldest holistic science of life, healing, and wellness--identifies as the 3 ingredients to good health:

  1. A balanced mind-body constitution - This is when disease stops.  It’s how you feel free and empowered.
  2. A discerning intellect - This is what allows for decisions that create the path you yearn to take.
  3. Bliss  - This is what we’re all striving for, if we’re being honest.  When you have this, it’s nearly impossible to spread fear. It stops with you, who transmutes it into purposeful energy.

When you have those 3 things, there becomes an ease with getting out of bed and walking about this Earth without having to armor.

The 4 Pillars to Good Health are a lifelong practice, to continue to build the reserves you need, and to live a life using a more preventative and proactive approach—rather than the sick-care, catching-up-from-complete-depletion, firefighting approach.  One that allows you to delve into your potential rather than to continually detox and fight stress to get back to square one.

Through our livestream kundalini yoga classes, yoga and meditation videos, mini-courses, and community forum--this is how you get to use your most fundamental life tools to shift and create your life experience.

If you feel like you’re exhausted from continuously juggling time and money, and want to ROAR from anger, pride, hurt, desperation and injustice…

Join us.




If you are looking for a miracle pill... this program creates miracles!  But it’s not a pill.

As a member, you get access to simple, incredibly transformational practices, but you gotta show up for yourself!

Your life isn’t linear, and neither is this program.

Everything we offer can be accessed through your Membership Portal. You can navigate the content in any order, and as intensely or gently as you want. Choose the way that’s most fun and doable for you. If you’re looking for fast change, up your speed and intensity. There is no pace better for YOU than the pace that encourages YOU forward in your best life.

What's Inside Your Member Portal...

  • Livestream Classes - Access to all of our weekly livestream yoga and meditation classes.  Live classes help us to feel more connected with others in the class experience and with a live teacher.

  • Yoga Video Library - New recorded yoga and meditation videos added to your library every week.  These videos allow us to leverage the powerful tools of breath, sound, and movement.

  • Mini-Courses -  These on-demand courses help you delve deeper into any part of your journey as you see fit.  We continue to add more mini-courses to help bring The 4 Pillars to Good Health to you, and to help you take the tools you develop through these practices into your everyday life.

  • Community Forum - Ongoing support through a community of highly intentioned people like you!  This isn’t “yet another social media platform to get sucked into”. It’s a purposeful place to learn and work things out that directly relate to The 4 pillars to Good Health.  Practice your authentic expression without the higher risk of “doing it out there”.  Do it here first, and then, do it out there.  Having a community like this to leverage is not to be diminished. It is your enzyme that helps bring ease and play into your work.

  • Stories and anecdotes to inspire and get you vibing passionately and challenge your normal.

  • 30 to 90 day challenges to recalibrate your body’s operating system.

  • Info about why vampires are so darn sexy and what this has to do with finding your fulfillment.

What the community is saying...

The practices are transformational and the community is
the most welcoming and supportive.  Urban Yoga has been pivotal in my growth journey.


Urban Yoga and its teachers are changing my life.
I attend classes, workshops and gratefully receive private instruction from Jodh.  I appreciate her unwavering support of my life journey of mindful learning. 


I feel relieved, inspired, energized, and heard.
I really feel lighter and more joyful.  I now have focus and accountability.


The virtual classes have been  awesome...
I was totally able to join Zoom (and I am not tech savvy) without a problem.  Literally just one click and you are there!  I feel like the virtual class is super valuable right now in this time of social distancing.  It seems a bit like I'm getting out of the house and participating in life a little more!  I really, honestly would encourage everyone to give it a try.


Thank you for making UYC a refuge and a real community.
We all need that. It’s never been just a place to take a class, I always feel the love, even when I have times when I am struggling to know how to receive it.  I finally understand what it means to hold space. 


I had been experiencing joint pain and morning stiffness for three years.
After my fifth class here, the pain improved 80%.  After my first month, I am pain-free.  I feel blessed and happy.  I am more connected with my true self and my needs.


I used to find myself BESIDE myself in conversations or engagements with others.
Judging my every word as I speak!  Call it anxiety or extreme self-doubt, it is NOT a way to succeed in conversations or in life.  I don’t know which kriya or meditation or combo did it, but POOF!  This debilitating habit vanished.  And it has not come back.  This is powerful!


If you do cardio exercise you expect to get benefits to your heart and endurance.
If you lift weights you expect to get stronger and develop your muscles.  When you do yoga, you wiggle your fingers and pant like a dog, you find that your headaches go away and you wake up more cheerful.  It’s a real leap of faith.




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