Love your life. 

Through kundalini yoga, Ayurveda, and key self-awareness tools,

tap into the energy and courage to do what matters to you. 

Join your HealedLovedFed community

Stressed.  Anxious.  Overworked.  Irritated. 

Caring and doing for everyone else first with no time or energy left to nourish yourself. You feel like life has hijacked your joy.  

Yeah, we’ve been there, too.

Access your innate strength 

and ability to relax into yourself and pursue the life that you want.
Join us for a year of HealedLovedFed and...
  • Tap into your calm and strengthen your nervous system.
  • Reclaim your feelings. 
  • Find your voice.
  • Unlock internal resources to get what you want. 
  • Find time, energy, and courage to do what you desire.
  • Increase your happiness baseline.

"Almost magically, the doubt and fears have diminished and given way to the sweeter stronger poetics of life. I'm a better mother. I'm a better artist.  I'm a better citizen. I'm a better daughter.  I'm a better girlfriend.  Perhaps most critically, I'm better at being myself.  It feels good."


These pillars are foundational to the tools and technologies we share at HealedLovedFed.

Click on the pillars below to learn more.

The 4 pillars are activities that you already do in your daily life, simply by default.

When you use the 4 pillars consciously, they become powerful, magical tools
that bring about a...

  • balanced mind-body constitution
  • discerning intellect, and
  • bliss.

When you have these ingredients, you walk the Earth with ease. You have true health. 

Don't postpone yourself.

Join the HealedLovedFed community now.  

I'm Ready to Love My Life

How can I get started?

  1. Join a Year of HealedLovedFed. 

    It takes a good month of daily practice to create a habit, and at least a year to get it deep enough into your system to start making it accessible through your life's seasons. Our transformational coaching program and support systems help make your new self care habits a part of your DNA so that you can overcome the old go-to cycles and start easing into your life.

  2. Change your trajectory. Change your life. 

    With mind-body-spirit alignment you'll become more present, feel more connected, and live life more on your own terms. Say goodbye to the negative self-talk and endless loops and hello to the freedom of living the life you want. 

Not all self care is treated the same.

This is about keeping up with your mental hygiene to strengthen your mind-body so that even when you don't feel like it, or someone is pulling your attention away, you honor your self-care practice because you know it sets the tone for the rest of the day (and life). You're putting yourself into the equation and it feels great.

These are the tools we offer to accelerate you loving your life...

  • Wellness Assessments and coaching support  - Upon enrollment, you'll begin by identifying your baselines, your wellness goals, your support systems, and your desires. It's where you begin creating an infinite mindset. It's all about the mindset. Completion of this process triggers personal reach-outs from us to help start you off, and throughout the year to help support your journey.
  • Breath, Sound & Movement through Kundalini Yoga- Connect with teachers via livestream classes up to 6 days a week to shift your physiology, strengthen your 10 bodies (yes, you have 10!), with special note to your 3 minds (negative, positive, and neutral). Kundalini Yoga and meditation strengthens your nervous system, calms the mind, balances your glandular/endocrine, lymphatic/immune, digestive, circulatory, and musculoskeletal systems. Livestream classes are where you access the guidance of a teacher while you work on YOU and learn to tap into the wisdom of the ultimate teacher - you. The teacher leading the class therefore provides the space for you to do that. 

  • Customize your practice - when you want to do it on your own, there are a library of recordings available to put your own practice together and create your own sadhana (personal spiritual practice) in the early morning or any other time that works for you.  

  • Geek out - on courses such as The 4 Pillars to understand more about the insane benefits of conscious breathing, eating, sound, and movement; learn how to manage stress & anxiety in uncertain times; and more.

  • Community engagement - The community forum (includes livestream) is where you engage in conversation with other highly intentioned, spiritually and holistically inclined peers like you. It's a place to dialogue on your experience in your journey, offer support, and even host livestream discussions. This includes book discussions, and study groups on topics like emotional intelligence, body positivity, social justice, spiritual text, and the sharing of food & recipes. Engagement supports a sustained practice, elevates your sense of purpose, connection, and gives you opportunity to share your voice.

  • Monthly Momentum calls - touch bases with Jodh, Savitree and community to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from each other.


You can navigate much of your membership in any order, and as intensely or as gently as you want. You'll engage at your own pace, in your own time, and as much or as little as you're ready. You'll choose the way that’s most fun and doable for you. If you’re looking for fast change, you can increase your speed and intensity. If you need to slow down, we're there to support that. There is no pace better for YOU than the pace that safely encourages YOU forward in your best life.

This membership offers the benefits of group and one-on-one experiential learning. We are serious about your wellness and spiritual growth and we're here to support and encourage you. 

What people are saying...

Urban Yoga and its teachers are changing my life.
I've taken classes, workshops and gratefully receive private instruction from Jodh.  I appreciate her unwavering support of my life journey of mindful learning. 


I feel relieved, inspired, energized, and heard.
I really feel lighter and more joyful.  I now have focus and accountability.


Forever I've been managing my anxiety and emotions. I wanted to feel comfortable in what I'm saying.
What really changed for me is the daily practice. The membership has allowed me to support the consistency and dedication I knew I had to make a shift in my life. I really wanted it, and this has changed my life. I love self help books, but the combination of what HLF offers, and the dedication and support, makes it all work, and it's super powerful. 


Thank you for making HLF a refuge and a real community.
We all need that. I always feel the love, even when I have times when I am struggling to know how to receive it.  I finally understand what it means to hold space. 



A year of getting healed, loved, and fed

One Time Payment


Ready to Love My Life

12 Monthly Payments


Ready to Love My Life

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Here’s what you'll get in your year of HealedLovedFed:
  • The full HLF Love Your Life program and portal to take you through the 4 Pillars experience towards good health, a discerning mind, and bliss. 
  • Livestream access to yoga & meditation classes, Monthly Momentum calls, special events and special topic discussions.
  • A ‘Check Your Progress’ portal to anchor into your vision, take your Wellness Assessments, identify your current and ideal states & support systems, and initiate individualized support to carry you through the year.  
  • Courses on The 4 Pillars and Managing Anxiety. 
  • 11 and 45 minute sound healing sessions (bowls, gongs, vox).
  • HLF Community where you ask questions, get answers, create topics of discussion, and connect with peers and teachers to get the support you need, find your voice, and pay it forward by helping others. 
  • BONUS: A 'Transform Your Life' portal with access to - 
    • The 5 Ways to Take Your Life Back pdf guide
    • 4 Pillars practice book with 1 on-the-mat and 1 off-the-mat exercise per pillar. 
    • Video tutorials to go with the 4 Pillars practice book.