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Become a whole human. Live your way to fulfillment.

"Almost magically, the doubt and fears have diminished and given way to the sweeter stronger poetics of life. I'm a better mother. I'm a better artist. I'm a better citizen. I'm a better daughter. I'm a better girlfriend. Perhaps most critically, I'm better at being myself. It feels good."

-Liz Lazar


You get up in the morning, make coffee, pick up whatever was left around in the kitchen last night, and start breakfast. In a moment, you’ll need to make sure your kids aren’t just laying in bed scrolling their phones. You work through your responsibilities in your head: the kids, the animals, your work. Your husband.

You’re going to be away for a few days, and you make basic life events, like eating, a no-brainer for him while you are gone because why should he have to think about it. You’ve found someone else to walk the dog. You’re grateful that you were able to coordinate everything so that everyone else’s life works seamlessly while you’re away. Your body hurts, and you’re tired and frustrated. Your parents call asking you to look over a document, which you don’t have the bandwidth for. You want someone else to take over your entire life but you don’t have the money for that. Nor are you sure that’s what you want. It just sounds so good because it’s 2 pm, you’re beat, and life has hijacked your happiness.

You think sometimes the answer is to leave your husband. That will change everything. But also, that doesn’t seem right either. 

We've created a 4-part program to turn your frustrations into fulfillment...

Action-Reaction is a thing: a reaction follows every action. It’s Universal Law, like gravity. It doesn’t care who you are and whether or not you’ve got the energy to deal with what happens next. 

The good news is, you can change your response-ability. Rather than reacting, you can reclaim yourself and watch the irritations melt away. It only takes the slightest shifts. You can activate the systems in your body to change your world’s balance of power to suit your needs as well as those around you. 

We will share…

  1. fundamental breath techniques to help you (a) relax deeply into yourself and (b) not care what others think.
  2. the most overlooked healthy eating practices that impact digestion, clarity, and sustained energy. 
  3. how to use sound to turn negative self-talk into pure potentiality.
  4. how to change your physiology so that you can express your untethered self.

This 4-part program strengthens your internal biome and increases command. You’ll experience ease and become the source of inspiration and influence.  As you relax deeper into yourself, so will those around you. Not only will you find YOU time, you’ll notice that your family will have claimed their time as well. And those moments when you come together for family time? Meaningful. Even amidst a crisis. 

If you are looking for a miracle pill...

This program creates miracles! But it’s not a pill.

We share simple practices, but you gotta show up for yourself!

If you—

  • feel like you are continuously juggling time and money, especially for yourself
  • feel exhausted 
  • hurt
  • want to ROAR from anger, hurt, desperation, and injustice

We will help you — 

  • find time and energy to do what you really want and have the inspiration to sustain it
  • reclaim your feelings
  • find your voice 
  • emerge a lioness— walk taller, not rush, feel grounded, be unapologetic and agile
  • unlock internal resources to get what you want out of life



Because your life isn't linear, neither is this program.


You can navigate the parts in any order, and as intensely or gently as you want. Choose the way it’s most fun and doable for you. If you're looking for fast change, that will also factor into your pace and intensity. There is no pace better for YOU than the pace that encourages YOU forward into your best life.

We are here for you every step of the way.


Each week, we bring you

  • yoga and meditation practices to help you find your edge
  • anecdotes and stories to inspire and get you vibing passionately
  • lifestyle ponderances to challenge your normal
  • 30 to 90 day challenges to recalibrate your body's operating system
  • courses to help you delve deeper into any part of your journey as you see fit
  • not each week, but periodically we’ll pepper in reasons why vampires are so darn sexy and what this has to do with finding your fulfillment
  • ongoing support through a community of highly intentioned people like you! 

All this can be accessed through your Membership. It includes live classes, and 24/7 access to a library of courses and resources, and to the community.

We focus on increasing gut and heart wisdom through body memory over heady knowledge (though we’ll give you this too)... because it's through action and engagement that life-altering shifts happen. 

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Yoga & Meditation

Livestream classes and recordings using breath, sound, and movement to give your physiology an overhaul.

Mini-Courses & Challenges

Your choice to either snorkel or deep dive into different topics to help you relax deeper into yourself. 

Community Topics

Where you get to connect with highly intentioned peers like you to discuss soul-centered topics. 



Urban Yoga Chicago is the parent company for HealedLovedFed. It’s the name of our bricks and mortar space located in Evanston (originated in Chicago). We’ve expanded to this online space to make connection easier to access. It was conceived during these unprecedented times of covid. HealedLovedFed is this online space.


What the community is saying...

Lisa K.

Thank you for making UYC a refuge and a real community. We all need that. It’s never been just a place to take a class, I always feel the love, even when I have times when I am struggling to know how to receive it. I finally understand what it means to “hold space.”  

Anna Gratzl

UYC has unquestionably changed my life. They bring self-help knowledge to ACTION. I often found myself in conversations where I second-guessed every word I said. Call it anxiety or extreme self-doubt, but it’s NOT a way to live. POOF! This debilitating habit vanished. Thanks to the genuine, wise, and consistently welcoming founders, the path has been paved for us by these angelic, cosmic guides who appear to exist simply to help us live authentically while on this Earth. I can’t say enough about this practice. Thank you!! 

Kelly M.

The practices are transformational, and the community is the most welcoming and supportive. Urban Yoga has been pivotal in my growth journey, and I am beyond grateful. This is WAY more than a yoga studio. It is truly a community of authentic, genuine friends who support each other in being themselves. Oh and the delicious plant-based food that always seems to be around.

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what they're saying (continued)...

Lili R.

I do not have enough words to express my gratitude, love, and happiness with this practice and community. Three years ago I started with joint pain and morning stiffness. I was attended by different specialists and they performed all possible exams and they were all normal, but the pain continued to worsen and spread to my knees, elbows and feet. I am a doctor and I had the opportunity to actively participate in the process and it was extremely sad and frustrating. After my fifth class here, the pain improved 80%. After my first month, I was pain-free. I feel blessed and happy. I am more connected with my true self and my needs. I have improved my nutrition and breathing just because my body requires it. On the other hand, the love that these teachers put into what they do can be felt everywhere. The community is amazing. They are all inspirational, passionate, caring and loving, always willing to support. It really has been the best thing that could have happened to me and I am grateful! 

What you get with Membership


In addition to the regular yoga practices, anecdotes, insights, and additional tools coming direct to your inbox, you get access to 

  • yoga and meditation videos curated in one place for your convenience
  • monthly online workshops and mini-courses right in your membership library. Mini-courses include series in
    • expanding your breath capacity
    • getting the most energy, nourishment, and enjoyment from food
    • a snorkel or deep dive - up to you -  into sound and how you can use it to change your life. 
    • and much more
  • community topics to discuss questions that come up as you practice
  • 30 to 90 day challenges to grow your capacity and give your operating system an upgrade. 
  • unlimited livestream yoga classes. For the locals, live classes when it’s safe to meet up again. 
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