Love Your Life Membership

Create instead of manage your life

Stressed. Irritated. Unclear.

Your joy has been hijacked.

You get up and hustle into your responsibilities. Exhausted by 2 pm, you can’t wait for the day to be over. If only someone else would figure out dinner. Bedtime rolls around. Wide awake or exhausted, you’re scrolling until you can't. You wake up and start all over again.

We’ve been there.



What’s good about it? A lot.

Studies show that starting your day early, and with meditation and movement, dramatically improves your chances at making healthier and more positive choices for yourself. Not only are you starting your day when you’re least likely to be hijacked by life’s demands, you’ve already acted on your first decision of the day by getting up early rather than hitting the snooze button. You’ve already started your day saying NO to your biggest obstacle: procrastination, and YES to determination. You get better at what you do or don’t do. Every morning you get to make the decision to get better at one or the other.

Getting up early to do the stuff that strengthens and balances your mind-body state - like meditation and movement - rather than turning on the news or checking emails first - makes a critical difference in setting the tone for the day.

Breath gets the life force energy flowing throughout your body. This life force gives you the power to make things happen the way you want.

Mantra changes your negative self talk into positive. Not pollyannish positive, but rather it opens the awareness to the options and potentialities that were once hidden.

Movement gets the body unstuck, physically. And then the mind follows.

Not a morning person?


Neither were we. 

The good news is, you’re not stuck a night owl (or a nocturnal cat). 

Being a night owl only became an option with the invention of electricity. Nature has something else to say about it. And so do habits. 

{get ready for a lot of M's}

Becoming a morning meditation maven masters your mind so that it serves you, not the other way around, and you feel mm mm marvelous.

You begin to Love Your Life. Yes, even during difficult times, because now your Soul’s in charge. And while your ego might get pissy at what it can’t control, your Soul stands ready to play. Like a cat with a cardboard box who knows she's boss.




Love Your Life is a program that centers around a morning practice called Sadhana Huddle

It takes away the struggle and isolation in forming good habits, consistency, and clarity.


Sadhana is personal spiritual practice. 

Spiritual, in its simplicity, means to know yourself.

Every weekday morning from 6 to 6:30 am central time, we practice online 20 minutes of meditation + 10 minutes of gentle movement. 


The huddle is exactly what I’ve been looking for!  I really haven’t been attached to virtual sessions for yoga, exercise or really anything else. And I prefer mornings and so far this works. — Phil G


It gets you up. 

Thank you for creating the space for me to wake up early and accomplish my goals. — Paul W


It sets the tone, expands the mind, puts you in your body.

It sets the tone for my day.  I didn’t know thirty minutes could be so powerful. I do miss on occasion and I can see the difference in the rest of that day. -Faye W


It strengthens your sense of discernment, personal boundaries, and will. And it breaks up the blocks by breaking through the first block - getting up! - and then by recalibrating the mind and body.

Such a fabulous way to secure my sadhana! Gets better each day. :-)   — Susan Caruso


It’s gentle and connective without having to get social. You simply follow along with others who are doing the same thing first thing in the morning.

According to circadian rhythm, the best time to wake up is between 4 and 6 am.

If you’re on the west coast, you’re starting the huddle on the early end. If you’re on central time: 6 am. On eastern time: you get that extra hour. Depending on your time zone, you can schedule other exercises before or after the huddle to be done with all your meditation, yoga, and other exercises by 7:30.

Love Your Life includes 


  • Unlimited access to the morning Sadhana Huddle to create consistency, connection, and caliber of Self. And to make your first morning decision a powerful one.

  • 60 to 75 min mid-morning and evening kundalini yoga classes to balance your energy centers, strengthen your nervous & glandular systems, and break through physical blocks.

  • Weekly one-hour lunchtime masterclasses to connect the inner world practice (meditation) to the outer (expression).

  • Full kundalini yoga & meditation class recordings to practice with any time, with option to put a customized practice together with your assigned concierge/mentor.

  •  Self-Assessments & Accountability Support: wellness assessments for you to deepen your insight and self-awareness around your current state of wellness in relation to your desired goal. They prompt direct support and feedback from HLF mentors and coaches who are happy to give you the guidance and accountability support you need, if desired.


Since I started with HLF, I have much more energy, and my asthma is better!  — Hope Miller

Jodh & Savitree, thank you for the support and community you create for all of us! — Robin Young

Being connected to Healed Loved Fed has been my solid rock. — Julie Matt

HealedLovedFed supported the consistency and dedication I needed to make a shift in my life. It changed my life. I love self help books, but the combination of what HLF offers here, and the dedication and support, makes it all work, and it's super powerful. Thank you. 
— Vicki Kurzydlo