Are you thriving, striving, or surviving?

Jan 24, 2023
Are you thriving, striving, or surviving?

Here we are, almost through January… are you thriving, striving, or surviving?

If you’re thriving, congratulations! Celebrate this and take note of what’s working for you. Notice the habits and actions you have in place right now that are supporting you in your life. Keep these up! It can be easy to let things slide because you’re in a “good space.” This is the time to keep your momentum going, and be aware of thoughts like I’m feeling good. I can let [fill in the blank] go for a couple days and pick it back up next week. When you have momentum, like the flywheel*, it’s easier to keep it going than it is to get it started.

If you’re surviving or striving, congratulations to you too! Celebrate yourself for where you are today, right now. As you celebrate your wins (a win is a win), you capitalize on the momentum you’re creating as you learn what works for you (and what you can do more of), and what doesn’t (and what you can let go of). This helps you clear your slate, and create habits and actions that give you hope, energy, purpose, and focus. Right now, you’re pushing on that flywheel to get it started. It takes consistency and focus, a little bit at a time, to get it going and build momentum. 

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great said, “Big things happen because you do a bunch of little things supremely well that compound over time.” 

No matter where you are, begin with the small action that you can do consistently. That could be 3 minutes of meditation, walking around the block one time, sipping a glass of water as you begin your morning work, pulling one item out of your closet that you no longer love, saying I love you before you go to sleep. Whatever you choose, commit to it, and practice it as perfectly as you can. Notice how you feel as you develop this habit, and once it’s established, add to it (i.e. 5 minutes of meditation or walking around two blocks etc). And to the best of your ability, keep it going, one step and one day at a time. 

With grace and love,

*A flywheel is a heavy disk or wheel rotating on a shaft so that its momentum gives almost uniform rotational speed to the shaft and to all connected machinery -
Through momentum, the flywheel stores a lot of energy. If you’ve ever seen or used a pottery wheel, there’s a flywheel at the bottom of the pottery wheel. The potter kicks the flywheel to spin the pottery wheel.


Image by Yogendra Singh from Pixabay 



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