Can people change?

Dec 02, 2021
Can people change?

People can change*

Awareness is the beginning of it
Acknowledgement is the next step of it
Owning your part
This is the art

Rather than beating yourself up or shrinking
The next part is to start (& stop over-thinking)
Take the next small step
That's all there is to accept

Trust your intuition
For things to come to fruition
No need to collect opinions. Or second guess.

You are willing to talk
To someone who can see you
And guide you to your truth
Because they can't be you

A guide so unconditionally loving
That they’re uncompromising
They can challenge, they’re unapologetic
They're a true heretic


Take a bath
Drink some tea
Enjoy good conversation
And set yourself free

Own that life
And all that comes with it
Drop the strife
See? it all fits.

Either way you take it,
You’ll increase your range
You’ll most definitely make it
Cause you can change...*

❤️ Savitree

*...from that which keeps you small, afraid, and unwell
to unleashing the part of you that is infinitely swell

P.S. - I've learned it's easier for me to read a self-reminder over and over again when it's in poetry (rather than journal) form. You?


(much like this blog post!)