Detox & Reset Part 4: Get it out

May 24, 2023
get it out, detox and reset

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried working through a problem in my own head without putting it down on paper and then talking through it with someone. This method easily results in circular thinking leading to a lengthy bout of stuckness. Likely, negative thoughts and frustrations ensue, and I start to feel a bit isolated in the circumstance, which then threatens to bleed into the rest of my life. When a positive thought comes to light, either it evaporates and I lose access to it, or it’s succeeded by my own objections.


I write down my unedited thoughts and then share it with someone that is able to give me the space to work through my own process, trust my ability to get there, and prompt me along my own path. Lucky for me, I have coaches and allies. The clarity and movement that follows beats any solo habit work and purchase of yet another course any day of the week. And as long as you consider yourself a lifelong learner and you desire to keep growing, this becomes a game-changing lifelong resource to lean into that makes life and goaltending… fun.

Instead of freezing up, getting it out allows for flow to happen while it connects you to others in the most meaningful way.

Here are the two steps to effectively get it out

  • First, get your thoughts out on paper, in unedited stream of consciousness form of writing. Let your hand become the channel for your deepest part of you to put its voice down on paper. You’ll remember it, and your ego self will read it and begin to work with it. You’ll start to see where the revisions are needed in your process as your writing will prompt you to get clearer on what you’re saying, thinking, asking, and desiring. This can be learned, and the more you practice, the better you’ll get. 
  • Then, share what you’re thinking with a fellow human ally whose desire is to see you shine in your own shoes. They’re not trying to make you understand it the way they understand it. They’re there to understand and appreciate it the way you understand it. They’re there to see you. And when you feel seen and understood, the world opens up. Find those people. I can also be that person.  

These two steps put together help to clear self-doubt and shrink negative thoughts and confusion fed by holding them inside. It’s a more effective way to detox; one that definitely should not be dismissed because it moves things through. And, you accelerate trust in yourself by getting it out in this way.

This outward expression and letting others in brings forth a sense of fulfillment, strength, energy, and nourishment that curbs unwanted cravings (food and otherwise) and works out the knots and toxicity that cause you to feel like you need to detox in the first place. 


Love, Savitree


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