Don't use meditation to relax...

Jul 13, 2021

...when you can use it to become alive.

Meditation calms the mind -  not to put you to sleep, but to wake you up.

Meditation pulls you in - not so you can't see, but so you can.

Meditation has you feel more, not less. And rather than being afraid, you become more connected to your values.

Meditation will get you in touch with your rage. So that instead of walling up (which happens when you suppress your rage), you set healthy boundaries (which happens when you harness it). And, you protect those that need protecting.

Meditation shows you your true nature, your true power, so that you stop shrinking. So that you start loving your life. So that you see the beauty and the miracles around you. So that you know how beautiful you are.

Of course, you can use meditation to just relax. But then it's just another relaxation tool.

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