Expand your capacity for love and connection

Feb 07, 2023
Expand your capacity for love and connection

This morning I came across this quote from poet Rune Lazuli, “Be the love you never received.” It took me straight to the Spiritual Hungers. 

Spiritual Hungers are the hungers we all have as human beings desiring to feel whole. They can be used as a tool to better understand yourself, your needs, wants, and desires. When you tap into your Spiritual Hungers, you can acknowledge and feed your hunger which will help you respond, rather than react, to circumstances in your life. We have the term “hangry” for when you’ve become so hungry you’re now irritable. You’ve probably found that this is the worst time to have a conversation, have understanding, or to overcome an obstacle. 

Spiritual Hungers work much the same way. They help you identify that you are hungry, and what you’re hungry for, so that you can fill that hunger. 

Here’s how you can familiarize yourself with, and use, the Spiritual Hungers. Download the free guide here. Look over the list of Spiritual Hungers on page 2 of the guide. You’ll see there are categories with a list of specific hungers in each category. What stands out to you? Is it a particular category or a specific hunger? Acknowledging your hunger is the first step! 

Next, consider how you may feed this hunger. Is there something that you can do, right now, to feed your hunger? For example, under the category Sense of Mattering is the hunger to be valued and to value. You might journal what you value about yourself. How do you show that you value yourself? What do you value in your life? How do your values show up in your life? 

Take some time here with yourself to get in touch with your hunger and how you might feed yourself. What do you need? 

If you get stuck, reach out to someone who cares about you and ask them, “What do you value about me? What do you value about our relationship?” Notice what happens in your body as you listen to their response. 

Moving forward, use this list as a reference. When you’re feeling resentful, disconnected, directionless, or irritable - pull up the list and identify your spiritual hunger. Acknowledge it, then find a way to feed your hunger through journaling, reflection, creating an affirmation, showing self love (give yourself a hug), or reaching out to ask for help. 

Through this, you’ll deepen your love for yourself and expand your capacity to love others. 

With love and grace,


(much like this blog post!)