Food and Identity. And energy. And clarity

Sep 23, 2023
steak: food, identity, and energy

A fellow coach out of Mission Viejo, CA (we hold each other accountable) insisted that my community - you - would greatly benefit from me getting more personal about food. 

I'm a foodie. I've also struggled with body image a million years ago, though this type of thing has a way of creeping back up when one is not careful. Food is also a very personal thing and one of the most difficult things for people to change. Food can be our comfort, our form of control and judgment, and our identity. 

As a long time yoga and meditation instructor and wellness coach, it's natural for people to assume that I'm vegetarian, and maybe even vegan. While these might have been true for many years, I wondered how I'd be received if I broke out of these identities, and if my changes would be confusing... 

I was vegetarian for about 15 years, pescatarian for about 5, then vegan for 2.5 years, and then I did a full 180 and went keto. I have background in macrobiotics, Ayurveda, and meditation, as well as a long history of digestive issues in my childhood and young adult years. 

Which is why my fellow coach said I have a lot of personal experiences to draw from without judgment and can be of benefit to others. 

I recently launched a personal blog site called Decision Confidence where I house all of my writing. I write about things that support the clarity and energy you need to make decisions that are aligned with your most authentic truth and deepest values. Food is one of them. Also, at Decision Confidence, you can easily connect with me through chat to let me know what your thoughts are and continue on the conversation. I sincerely hope you will. 

I just wrote an article sharing my experiences with each diet. To be clear, I don't go on diets. I look at diets as a way of life that nourishes and provides pleasure. 

If you're interested in learning more, visit me here and read on. And if you haven't already, subscribe and share! 


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