Getting the world to align with you: the essentials

Jan 27, 2022
getting the world to align with you

When the idea of wellness comes up, we think about our mental and physical health. We think of meditation, yoga, exercise, what we eat, and how much we sleep. We consider how we might fit these ideals into our busy day, and we do well with them for a while until life happens and we can’t find the time. We end up burning the candle at both ends, as they say, and choose to drop the rituals that keep our Spirit alive. It begins to feel like the Universe isn’t on our side. That life is hard, and we don’t feel well.

When we let the busyness take over, we’re not clear enough to choose what we need to maintain a calm and relaxed state of mind. Which means when we make decisions, what seems to be the right ones are the ones that further deplete us, which is no good for anyone.

The best way to live wellness is to start the day early to connect with your Soul, include basic checkpoints throughout the day, and stay consistent. Constancy brings ease.

First, your morning. Even if you have nothing planned all day, getting up early matters. Aligning yourself with the rhythms of nature by getting up when the sun rises shifts your internal energy and mindset, affecting the rest of your day. The time you wake up also affects your digestive and eliminative processes, and your sleep cycle. Similar to the difference in energy that you can feel  - and that you know is affecting your sense of wellness - when you’re in the city versus on a beach on an island, or in a different country that focuses more on living than on work (and vice versa), different times of day bring different energies. By getting up before sunrise, you’re infused with the energy of movement and creativity.

To harness this energy, start your morning by hydrating, eliminating, and then meditating. Imagine pairing the energy of movement and creativity with being centered, anchored, and with a heightened sense of self. Your mental state is expanded to see beyond the drama of the external world and into a greater potential. You can now slow things down and experience more life. You get to move through the day both relaxed and energized. Remember: when you start, the old way may feel better. That’s often because the old is what we’re used to, and the familiar feels better to us, which is why we often go back to the old, especially when the new brings up a challenge (like getting up).

Support your strong start to the day with 4 basics: 

  • Sit to eat at breakfast, lunchtime and dinnertime
  • Get one hard thing (for you) done in the morning between meditation and lunch 
  • Schedule an activity that makes you feel connected, playful, and spiritually nourished during the time of day that is most difficult for you - for many that’s sometime between 2 and 6 pm
  • Follow a bedtime routine that doesn’t involve activities that will vex you

These are rituals in living wellness. They’re checkpoints to ensure that you remain grounded and nourished. Your days are now supported for your wellness. You become consistent with yourself. And the Universe begins to answer the call. Because in Truth, you are the Universe, and the external world that is a part of you must align with your internal one. 


Love, Savitree

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