How to make decision-making fun

Nov 17, 2022
Savitree, mindset & transformation coach, in front of bookshelf

So many people hate making decisions. They don't trust themselves, and too often the decision they finally make is to not make one. They let the decision expire, which means deferring to the decisions of those who make them.

Let's change that. If you want to get good at making decisions that support your most authentic self and trusting them, here's what to do.

First, take a moment to get intentional


Replace your inner critic with your inner coach. It matters a whole lot to realize which is standing at your side in decision-making moments. 

Calling on your inner coach allows you to tap into your sense of exploration, curiosity, and trust in yourself. Rather than your decision-making being a heady thing, it becomes a body thing, which is synonymous to being a clarity thing. So drop into your body. Don’t worry if this doesn’t feel easy; it takes practice like everything else.  

Next, think of one way to go with your decision and check in with your body

  • What’s it doing? How’s it feeling? Do you sense a natural flow? Are you inspired by potential? Or do you feel a sense of warning, obligation, or dread?
  • If you find yourself stuck in stories of past drama or trauma and dwelling in logistics and obstacles while at the same time you’re yearning to say yes, then check in with yourself again. It’s likely your mind (and inner critic) is still in the driver’s seat instead of sitting besides your Soul.  
  • When you’re in your body, your mind delights in open questions like what’s possible? How can I make this happen? Even so, if the decision isn’t right for you, your body will tell you. Trust your body. Your ego mind approaches decisions from fear and scarcity while your body intelligence approaches them from your Truth. It’s always there, it always has been. It’s now about getting practiced at listening. Avoiding our body’s messages is what causes us to stop trusting in ourselves and what causes much of our aches and pains (that’s our body having tantrums). 

Next, think of another way to go with your decision 

  • Check in with your body, and go through the same process. 
  • The process takes but a moment.The mind obeys time. The heart doesn’t. 

Turn this into a game until you get really good at it


It can feel scary, but this feeling more accurately comes from not being used to turning the helm over to your body’s intelligence. Your head is so used to taking charge. Get back into your body and turn that fear into possibility. 


Love, Savitree


P.S. If you want to learn to stay tapped into your inner coach, train your mind to honor your Truth, and have ongoing, sustained energy go here.



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