How to say YES to You

May 10, 2022
how to say yes to you

I have a tendency to impulsively say YES to being of service, or joining something I’m passionate about and believe in. I want to do it. For a split second, I think - hmmm, how will I fit this in? And almost in the same instant, I see myself doing it and figuring it out. Cut to the future when I’m feeling burned out, my calendar is full, and if I say yes to another thing… it will be a midnight project… meaning, I don’t have the time, energy, or the bandwidth to say yes. 


Can you relate?


In prioritizing saying yes to all of the other opportunities, you’re not prioritizing you. If you dream about taking a nap (someday), or taking that yoga class (someday), or scheduling a massage (someday), or learning to knit or cook or play the cello (someday) - great! You’re dreaming about it. But when is someday? 


You look at your calendar and it’s full from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, or you don’t use a calendar and you have a neverending to-do list with very few items ticked off… maybe you tell yourself “when I get this done, it will open up time” or “as soon as I complete that task, I’ll deserve to take the afternoon to indulge in my book”. 


I’m here to tell you: Once you complete that obligation and remove it from your calendar, you’ll probably fill it with something else you’ll say yes to. And, if you must earn or deserve time for yourself, you’ll probably never meet your own high expectations. 


But here’s the thing... 


This is your life.


And to quote my favorite soap opera from back in the day, you only have One Life to Live. Why put off the enjoyable, restorative, relaxing activities? In putting them off until (fill in the blank), you’re banking on being here to do it. Who’s to say you’ll even enjoy it then in the way you will right now. Because right now, it’s what you need and desire. 


Why delay it? 


Capitalize on the energy of the season. This time of new birth, renewal, fresh energy, and growth. Use this energy to practice something new: saying YES to You.  

Start with this exercise (don’t wait, do this now):  

✔️ Grab your calendar to schedule your “me” time
Critically examine your week 
Identify where you can carve out this restoration time, this time for self-love, this time for You. Maybe it’s 15 minutes every morning, or an hour every evening. Maybe 20 minutes on Sunday is what you have… 
Schedule it
Make that time the color blue

If you’re using an electronic calendar, you can select the blue that is most pleasing to you
If you’re a paper calendar person, use a blue pen or marker, choose one you love

✔️ Make this appointment just as important as if you, your child or your pet had a doctor’s appointment. Meaning, don’t cancel or postpone it, and don’t be late.  


Prioritize yourself.  


And if, right now, you don’t have a two hour block for a massage, take the time you do have for something else you enjoy - maybe it’s taking a nap, listening to a novel, walking with a friend, or looking ahead and booking the future massage appointment. 


Take that time for yourself. 

As you do, you’ll find that time shifts and starts to work in your favor. That “me time” you schedule lifts your mood, gives you the energy you need to finish projects (creating space in your calendar!), and makes your life more enjoyable. 

When you find that you’re freeing up time in your calendar, keep saying YES to You. You’ll continue to create new pockets of space for yourself. As a result, you’ll feel restored and energized.  

You’ll love your life. ❤️


With love and gratitude,


This is one aspect of what we call Calendaring, which is a tool to help you take action on your soul’s desires. Learn how time can serve your soul, download your free Calendaring guide here.

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