I wasn't a morning person

May 17, 2022
I wasn't a morning person

I wasn’t a morning person. 

For years, I worked second shift, was on call, or was up late studying for my master’s degree. I’d wake up tired, pop a can of diet coke and lay in bed and watch an episode of Charmed (loved that show) before getting up to head into work where the culture was to arrive late and stay until your work was done. 

Several years later, I left that job to work for an insurance company where we were expected to be there at 8am (!!!!) and on time (sigh). Different culture for sure. I had a tough time adjusting my schedule and would be so tired that I spent my lunch hour sleeping in my car in the parking lot. I wasn’t the only one. I would wake up and move my seat from the reclining position and see others doing the same. 

It was during this time that I was taking my yoga teacher training and my feelings about mornings began to shift as I embraced my yoga & meditation practice.

Since then, mornings have become my most treasured time of day.  

Now, I love waking up early because it gives me more of this sacred time. It's also a very sweet and peaceful time of day. My first walk outside with my dogs is quiet and still, aside from the song birds. Back inside, with limited distractions, I easily sink into my meditation practice. Depending on the time of year, I’ll open my eyes after meditation to see the sunrise out my window. Then I’ll go for a walk where I'm fully present with all that my senses are taking in. 

It’s the time of day where I move more slowly and enjoy the experience of that slow and intentional movement.

These few hours in the morning nourish my soul. 

This is my Excellence time. In calendaring, we color this time gold. Color an activity gold in your calendar when it’s time just for you where you’re strengthening your connection to your soul, and it makes you clearer, smarter, wiser, faster, and more productive. Ideally, you schedule gold time first thing in the morning. Your morning sadhana (spiritual practice), your yoga classes, your daily reflection and journaling time, would all be colored gold in your calendar. 

When you start your day with Excellence time, you start your day for you.

It prepares you to respond (versus react) to the successes and challenges that lie ahead. Your self worth, confidence and knowledge of self will grow, your intuition will expand. You'll prioritize taking this space for yourself. It feeds you.

As a result, you’ll wake up embracing your day, rather than dreading it. 

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