Indulge in this and hear your Soul's desires

Feb 14, 2023
Indulge in this and hear your Soul's desires

Take a moment to slow down today. 

Indulge in your breath. Feel the delicious expansion as you draw the breath in, and relax into the slow release of the exhale.

Notice what the breath does for you. Maybe you feel calmer, and notice your thoughts slow down. Maybe you notice that you feel stressed or uncomfortable (daily breath practice will help you move from stress to ease). 

Take a few more breaths and ask, “What do I desire?”

Connecting with your breath and asking this question, helps you tap into your Soul and your inner knowing. It’s a valuable question because when you listen to your desires, you listen to your Soul, and you get to know yourself more intimately. 

If you draw a blank, that’s ok. It may help to ask “What do I want?” or “What do I need right now?”. 

Maybe the answers feel inspiring, or maybe they feel  impossible. Don’t worry about the how right now. 
The first step is asking, and getting curious with yourself. 
The second step is listening, and…
The third is doing what you can to answer or meet your desire, want, or need. 

Through the simple act of asking the question, you acknowledge your existence and your desires, needs, and wants. This acknowledgement helps you begin to release the anger, irritation, and resentment that inevitably comes from not attending to yourself and your desires. This is especially the case if you tend to put others before yourself. 

Take a moment today, the day of love, to love on yourself. Breathe deeply, listen to your Soul, and love You. It only takes a moment. Then, give yourself a hug, and thank yourself for this practice. 

With love,


(much like this blog post!)