The Breath: can it really change things?

Sep 28, 2023
woman in meditation, the breath instilling calm

Image by irongroup from Pixabay


I teach people how to breathe. In my personal experience, out of every 10 people that have come through my doors, at least nine don’t breathe correctly, including those that practice yoga. While yoga tells you to coordinate your breath with your movement, i.e. inhale up, exhale, down, there isn’t much more instruction on it. 

Even when someone comes to me for other matters, I go over the breath first. Because the quality of your breath determines the amount of effort you’ll need to put into everything else. It determines where your mind will go. 

Your narrative is impacted by your breath. And because your body believes what you think, even when you’re “just kidding,” it impacts you at the cellular level. Which means it either promotes or erodes good health. 

Your busy-ness and fast-paced life causes you to forget the things that are most important to you, and this is reflected in your breath; it becomes erratic and shallow, which makes your thoughts erratic and shallow. 

The time you put into remembering… to slowing down… is time you put into conquering time. Like working out your muscles to strengthen your muscles. You’ll find joy and opportunity in the moment. You’ll begin to experience time as just the right amount, no more, no less, no slower, no faster. 

It really does change everything.  

The thing is, most people try to learn to breathe once they’re in deep stress. And when that overwhelm subsides, they dismiss the practice until it happens again. This doesn’t change things. When a fire hose is applied to a burning house, it can stop the fire, but the house is damaged, both by the fire as well as the water. The key is gaining professional level access to your breath by making this a part of your daily practice so you can prevent big fires and use the heat on the small ones to transform. 

I’m about to schedule a tutorial and Q&A on breath and meditation for stress management. Are you interested?

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Love, Savitree

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