The difference between prayer and meditation

Aug 25, 2022
Savitree in prayer mudra

The differences 

  • Prayer is when you talk to God. It's when you put things out to the Universe through your thoughts.
  • Meditation is when God talks to you. It's when you let the Universe in and download from Source.  
  • Thought uses rationale to produce answers while contemplation is deep, focused thought where you let the answers come to you. Meditation is letting go of thought (and, the answers come to you).  
  • Mindfulness is being fully present and focused on that which you are doing (rather than thinking about a million other things). Mindfulness can happen throughout the day as you live life, whereas meditation is a formal exercise practiced for a set amount of time and where you let your thoughts go. 

Your thoughts are prayers

Prayer doesn’t just happen when you put your hands together and ask God for something; it happens much more often than that. By thinking, feeling, and acting (or not acting), you’re praying. You're projecting out into the Universe what you pay the most attention to, dwell on, and exude. And they get reflected back to you through your life experiences. Which is why your lens matters. Which is why you meditate: to upgrade your lens (your perspective, your belief system, your self talk). 

Meditation is hard

Which is why we call it a practice. When you practice meditation, you learn to listen to and trust in yourself.  You learn to access Joy.

Enter habits

Meditation impacts how you habit (yes, I used it as a verb) because your thoughts change. And because your thoughts change, your habits change. And they keep feeding each other, supporting your soul desires. 

Love, Savitree


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