The power is in the process

Jan 17, 2023
The power is in the process

Here’s a practice for you whether you’re chugging along with your New Year’s goals, fizzling out, or haven’t quite started… It's called Calendaring. When you set your goal(s) at the beginning of the year, you did so out of a vision you held for your future self. Often there are feelings of excitement, hope, even fear that accompany goal setting. You imagine yourself at the end of that goal and think...

oooh I look so zen after months of daily meditation
I feel so strong after running that half marathon
I have so much energy after changing my diet. 


Those visualizations are powerful especially when you pair them with the emotions and how it will feel to achieve your goal. While the goal is important, the power is in the process. In the process, you get to recall your why for setting your goal, acknowledge your challenges, and lean in to your supports (like your calendar!). Think of this guide as your handbook for embracing the process of achieving your goal. 

Here’s how… 

  • Download the Guide to Calendaring and read it through
  • Bring your attention to the colors on pages 5 and 6
  • Identify which color best fits your goal
  • Take time at the beginning of each week to
    • schedule your goal using the appropriate color (i.e. daily meditation is gold, walking with a friend would be blue, posting your craft work on your Etsy store is green)
    • review the previous week, celebrate your wins and your challenges
    • repeat this weekly! 

Finally, make this simple for yourself, start with one goal and color (you can add more as you establish this habit), and treat this appointment as your most important appointment of the day (do not cancel or postpone it). Use your calendar to support you in what matters to you, and embrace the process. 


With love, 

Download our free Guide to Calendaring. 


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