To make a difference

Jun 28, 2022
To make a difference

Let’s face it, turning on the news or scrolling social media can result in a host of thoughts and emotions. And while it can be connective and uplifting, it can also pull you into a shitstorm that you weren’t looking for. It can reinforce the joy you’re experiencing in your life, or any of the fears that were lurking in the back of your mind (whether you were aware of them or not). Moderation is key, but that’s a blog for a different day. As you look at current events, you may be thinking- I need to take action, what can I do? And perhaps that answer is clear and quick for you. Or maybe you suffer from analysis paralysis (like me) and find yourself scrolling, and researching, trying to figure out your next step.  


Here’s where you can look to the Spiritual Hungers… and the hunger to make a difference


What you do does matter, the actions you take in your life are important, how you live your life does make a difference. You may have the desire to go big, but simple actions have the power to impact you and those around you. It’s the ripple effect, and there is tremendous power in it. Think of a time in your life where you smiled at a stranger, and then saw a genuine smile cross their face. How did they carry that interaction with them for the remainder of their day? 


Simple actions, make a difference. Even if you don’t know what to do, do something:


  • ask your server or the checkout person how their day is going, and listen to what they say
  • give your pet one of their favorite special treats, an extra long belly rub, or longer walk - they’ll be so happy!
  • wash your windows and step back and notice how clearly you can see the sun and trees outside
  • say hello to your neighbor when you pass them on the street (whether you know them or not)
  • pick up a few extra items when you’re at the store and put them in your local love fridge or pantry
  • walk around your block with a garbage bag and pick up the trash lying on the ground
  • send a card with a thoughtful, handwritten note to someone you care about
  • walk around with a smile
  • create art or music
  • make a donation to, or volunteer with a charity you care about
  • have one meat free meal a day or one meat free day a week
  • gift someone a clipping from your favorite houseplant
  • offer to give your partner a foot massage 
  • when you feel triggered, take a deep breath, then decide how you want to respond 
  • reach out to a friend and let them know you’re thinking about them
  • make a double batch of your favorite meal or dessert and share it with someone
  • move your body, meditate, and pray

This is a list I came up with in a matter of minutes to illustrate how you can make a difference for yourself and for others with simple acts.

Every day you make a difference, it’s up to you if you’re creating a ripple that elevates yourself and others. 


Big hugs and love, 



P.S. After writing this, I was inspired to take action and set up some lunch dates with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. What action will you take today to make a difference?


(much like this blog post!)