Trapped in a Lazy Haze? You may be in a functional freeze.

Apr 18, 2024
lazy haze, stuck, paralysis, emotional freeze
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Do you ever feel trapped in a state where you are going through the motions but you know you’re not fully engaged and not fully present? You appear functional on the surface, maintaining routines and tasks, but underneath, you're emotionally numb and disconnected. You feel chronically lazy, paralyzed by overwhelm, and mad at yourself for not following through with the purposeful things you had intended to do. Again. This could be a sign that you are functionally frozen.

Functional freeze is a specific term that describes our nervous system’s protective response of “freeze” (from the “fight, flight, freeze or fawn” responses) when it becomes a chronic, everyday state impacting your emotional and engagement faculties. It’s a natural, protective response for some of us but applied to perhaps less dangerous (than like a bear chasing you) situations such as the dread of difficult conversations or “walking on eggshells”-type relationships.

​The problem with those of us who get into this state is that we aren’t always aware of what's happening. This automatic, protective response may create feelings of tightness (maybe a knot in the stomach) and negative emotional responses, turning-inward on oneself, as if your true voice has also gone frozen. 
Overwhelm paralysis, chronic laziness, and emotional turbulence from planning-but-not-doing things even when you’re excited about it are typical of the functional freeze state.

Becoming aware of this nervous system response is the first step to getting yourself out of this stuck and debilitating feeling. Your nerves are stuck in freeze mode as a matter of survival. This could be a result of unresolved trauma in your past. It may be worthwhile to seek help in resolving the roots of this response. 

Meanwhile, your nerves need to get unstuck.

Here's where kundalini yoga and meditation practices are immensely effective. 

Kundalini yoga, with its focus on breathwork and movement, can help regulate the nervous system and move the stuck energy that keeps us frozen. Meditation allows us to connect with our core self, furthering our awareness of the numbed emotions that need attention AND PROMOTING A REFRESHING THAW. By bringing these practices into your life, you can begin to heal the underlying causes of functional freeze and reconnect with vitality for a fully engaged life.

Do you recognize this functional freeze in your life? What works for you to thaw and move forward? Do you have a regular practice to regulate your nervous system, boost your energy, and connect you with your core Being? 

Anna SachKiret

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