Trust matters, here's why

Apr 12, 2022

Trusting yourself increases your confidence, lightens your mood, helps you feel more playful, and makes decision making clearer and easier. When you lack this trust, you may feel like you’re on shaky ground or disconnected from yourself, you may second guess yourself, worry more, and struggle to know what you want. 


If you’re a worrier or have difficulty making decisions, look at trust. 

Do you trust yourself to know what you want, need or desire? Do you trust how you’ll respond when facing challenges in your life? 

If the answer is no, or I’m not sure… it's time to build that trust.


The solution is simple. 

Choose something that you want to commit to doing for the rest of the month. Write your commitment down. And start today.


Start small. 

When you’re committing to a goal or creating a new habit - it’s exciting. You know you can do it, you can feel how it will feel once you’ve accomplished it, and the possibilities are endless. You can’t wait to get started. Yes! It is very exciting, hold onto that enthusiasm, and pace yourself. The goal is to end the month with the feeling of accomplishment and knowing - hey, I did that. Through this, you build trust. 


For example, when I’m working with someone who has never meditated before, no matter how pumped they are, I don’t give them a 31 minute meditation. We start with 1-3 minutes. The feedback I get from this is that one minute of focused breathing makes a big difference! Taking that short time for focused practice allows you to gain experience. You can always build from there. 


The goal gives you focus. Pick something that’s both important to you and do-able. 

It could be drinking a glass of warm water first thing every morning, or going for a 15 minute walk 3 times a week, or meditating for 3 minutes before you go to bed (here’s a suggestion). 


Finally, prepare yourself for success. Relating to the examples above, before you go to bed, fill your kettle, lay your walking clothes out, or choose (in advance) which meditation you’ll practice before bed. Use your calendar, schedule your commitments as you would any important appointment, and set a reminder in your phone. 


Through this process of practicing your commitment, you build a little more trust in yourself every day. 


At the end of the month, reflect and notice how you feel.

What worked, or didn’t? What needs to be adjusted for next time? What are you most proud of? How’s your worry and decision making?

Then, select your goal for May and repeat the process. 


With love, 


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