Use your practice to build trust

Nov 16, 2021
Use your practice to build trust

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” John Maxwell

We teach, encourage, and prompt you to commit to a 40 day practice because through this commitment, you create a habit.
A habit that supports and strengthens you.
A habit where you face the challenge first thing, so the rest of your day can flow with ease. 

This consistency of practice has another benefit. It builds trust.
It builds trust in yourself.
When you practice every day for 40 days, you know you can do it. Through this, you also know that you have the capacity for commitment and can, and will, do it again.

Cultivating trust within yourself makes you more trustworthy with others too.
Those in your life see that you follow through with your commitments to yourself, and they’re able to trust that you’ll follow through with them as well. 

Building this trust elevates your self esteem.
You know you’re worth keeping your commitments to yourself. 

As you reap the benefits of having a consistent practice… trust, elevated self esteem and of course of the practice itself, you begin to crave that consistency.
Keeping it up becomes a no brainer.
And you feel excited for what the next 40 days will bring.

We are winding down our current 40 day challenge. The next one begins Monday, November 22. We have planned the perfect practice for this time of year.
Savitree will share more on this Thursday so keep an eye out for her blog.
And consider ending your year with a renewed commitment to you. 

With love,

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