Waking up your body’s intelligence through food

Jul 14, 2022
homemade frappuccinos

Food is one of the 4 pillars for good health - the most foundational of life's activities that, when done consciously, can produce absolute magic for you. You can’t get around the topic of food when it comes to healing. It has a major impact on the way your body repairs, grows, and carries you throughout the day.  


Because there are so many diets and disciplines, it’s also very confusing. That's because there is no one-size-fits-all plan, and what’s good for you may change over time and seasons. This asks you to become more aware of, and make the right decisions for, yourself, which we’re just not taught or encouraged to do. Here’s what you need to know...

The three things to reconcile:

  1. Know that your body is beautiful just as it is. At the same time, know when there’s room for healthier. I recently took a page from Don Miguel Ruiz Jr’s self-talk in his book Mastery of Self. I said to myself: “Savitree you’re perfect. I love you exactly the way you are and I want you to be healthier and enjoy life more, so it’s time to change your diet. Let’s look into what’s not working and how you can make this a deliciously rewarding endeavor.” And I did, and I feel lighter and more joyful. 
  2. Live to eat and at the same time eat to live. It’s not one or the other. Food is an amazing gift of deliciousness. What’s even more delicious is feeling healthy, focused, relaxed, and energized. You can have both. Food and sex are both climatic experiences that help us sustain life, and yet they can become the cause of so much imbalance. Balance eating for pure pleasure and for ultimate life experience.
  3. Choose your value that best supports your current situation and drop the guilt. Sometimes values can feel conflicting. For instance, you may want to eat organic which speaks to the value of better health and sustainability, but it may not support your value of staying within fiscal responsibility. Make the best choice for you and then drop the guilt on the rest. Look only to yourself for that blessing. Speaking of which, bless your food before you eat, and eat with joyful, conscious abandon (aka total presence), and your body will take what you’re eating as true nourishment over an arguably healthier plate of guilt.

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Three powerful guidelines to help your digestion, energy, and overall satisfaction:

  1. Eat to eat. Sit down, close your screens, don’t multitask. The indigestion, fog, overeating, cravings, and fatigue you experience afterwards creates clogs and frustrations in your day. It’s not worth it to try and do it all at once.  
  2. Eat less. Close your eyes and ask yourself if you’re hungry. Eat only when you're hungry. Figure out and eat what makes you satiated for longer periods of time and at the same time brings you so much joy. This will make you so much more conscious of how food impacts your energy. It’s worth the time to think about these things! What you eat impacts your day and both short and long term health. Taking the time to figure this out for yourself will give you your energy back and teach you ultimate self-care. 
  3. Learn to make a few simple foods that don't come packaged. “I don’t like to cook” is like saying “I don’t like to communicate.” That which nourishes is life. There is nothing more basic to our human experience and sense of pleasure and connection than food and communication. There are many things you don’t like to do that you do because you justify them as worth it. This one truly is. If you drop the drama and learn to make a few simple foods from scratch that you absolutely enjoy, you’ll start to feel more complete, healthful, self-sufficient, and expansive.  


Notice that I didn’t mention what to eat. That’s because the how is ultimately much more important. Identify as a healthy person and then trust your healthy self to make loving, healthful choices for your body. Feel out what’s working for you. The good news is, if you tune into yourself, your body will tell you immediately if what and how you ate worked for you.


Personal confession: as a frappuccino lover, I’ve only been able to enjoy them vicariously through other people’s enjoyment because they don’t work for me… after the fact. But making my own does work for me… like magic. Mine’s tastier and doesn’t zap me out or add unnecessary calories or ingredients that causes me to crash and burn.


To your health and pleasure, 



P.S. - Don’t wait to start maximizing your food and healing enjoyment. The longer you fall into exhaustion and dis-ease, the harder it gets to pull out of it. Start now. We’ve put together a free mini-course on the 4 pillars to good health (eating is the 2nd pillar). It will help you understand how and why these basic activities create magic in your life when used as enhancement tools rather than automatically. If you have any questions, ask underneath the comments sections of each lesson. We're always here for you. Make requests for recipes, and I may just add them there!


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