What happens when you get up early and why successful people do it. 

Mar 16, 2021
what happens when people get up early

There’s a different energy getting things done early morning versus in the middle of the night after everyone goes to bed. It’s about getting a head start on the day versus catching up. It’s about running on nourishment instead of on fumes. It sets the tone for a more proactive rather than reactive mindset.


There’s a circadian rhythm you follow by getting up early that allows you to bring your clearest, shiniest, most creative, and brightest side forward rather than on the “second wind” that you rely on late at night. 


Because you accomplish what matters to you before breakfast, it matters a little bit less when you have trouble saying NO to others the rest of the day. This is because you’re done with your day; you’re fed.
That said, it’s amazing how once you become an early morning person, your boundaries naturally begin to shift and it becomes easier to say NO. It’s what happens when you get you back. 


When you wake up early, you conquer time. Which means you conquer your blocks and the blues.  

Which means you’ll feel more accomplished than ever.


What do you do early in the morning? 


You take your time to step into your own skin. You don’t get up rushing for others.

You meditate, do yoga, stretch, exercise - you’re less likely to cancel on this so early in the morning because what else is competing for your attention? 

Your body is hungry for this. 

You write, create art, work your passion, even if you’re not sure what your passions are. 

It’s your time to create space for them - to delve into yourself and see what’s in there that wants to come out. 

While you acclimate to morning, you get to watch yourself throw inner tantrums, see what stories come out and how you deal with them. 


By the time others wake up, you’re less needy or resentful. You’re less likely to feel spread thin. 

That’s because you fed yourself first.


Like every new habit you start, prepare to suck at this for a while. 


You’ll dig in about being a night person. Of course you are. You’ve been practicing that for so long that you’re a “natural” at it. If it’s working for you and you’re happy, then disregard this entire blog. 

If you’re anxious, depressed, have sleep issues, lack boundaries, or dream of living a life that nourishes your spirit, you may want to reconsider that part of your identity and practice becoming a morning person.


(much like this blog post!)