Flexibility & relaxation? Here's what Kundalini Yoga really does

Jul 28, 2021

When we say we teach Kundalini Yoga, here's where people go:

I'm not flexible.
I do hot yoga.
What is that?
I did it once in L.A. a long time ago.
Do you do in-person?

Forget dancer pose, unusual flexibility, and simple relaxation (which you can get from wine and massage, right?). Here's what Kundalini Yoga really does... and when our team says they teach Kundalini Yoga, this is what they're saying they can do for you...

This practice changed my life. My issues were all mental. I had so much negative self talk, constant worry, anxiety, and inability to connect with people because I was tormented with self doubt. This practice connected me to my Infinite Self. It gave me perspective. Also, it made me healthier, stronger, and more balanced. -Anna SachKiret


Anna is a core team member and works with people that suffer from constant negative self talk, worry, anxiety, and self doubt. By elevating your sense of self, she delivers better health, strength, and balance.



This practice gave me a bigger voice. I was already a confident speaker, but this gave me the tools to communicate more effectively. It gives me peace of mind. It’s been extremely stressful at work, and I’m handling it like a champ. I’m really good now at setting boundaries and not apologizing for it. I also used to try to blend in with the crowd... and now... well, I dyed my hair blonde, and it makes me stand out! I would never have done that before. I have all this energy and want to share it. I’ve always been a yes person, very nice. I’ve been able to communicate with nice tough love, but now it's at a whole different level. I’m honoring my space, and if that means I have to tell you "no," I no longer feel bad about it or dwell on it like I used to. -Izzy S


Izzy is a core team member who helps people find their voice and self-expression. She helps increase your energy and develop better communication skills and healthy personal boundaries... unapologetically!



This practice strengthened my sense of commitment and dedication. I never did anything on a daily basis - I used to think I’m not that kind of person - until I started practicing with HealedLovedFed. Now, there’s not a day that I don’t practice. It works for me and my body, and it energizes me (I don’t have to be a runner to get that energy)! Because this practice balanced my nervous system and strengthened my aura, I’m less reactive, and I don’t get yanked around by other people’s emotions. -Kristen C


Kristen is a core team member and helps strengthen your commitment and dedication - especially if you didn't think it was possible for you. She helps increase your energy and become less reactive and influenced by other people's emotions and issues.



In-person drop-in vs online membership:


Many of us love the idea of in-person yoga, but it can be inconvenient to find and get to the studio that will best serve you.


In our experience, even those that don’t think online is ideal have found that they practice more regularly, and were able to adjust their practice more easily, because online membership lends itself to greater flexibility and ease...

  • no travel time to get to class
  • you can continue your practice when you travel or live in different cities throughout the year
  • weather isn't an obstacle to getting to class
  • you can turn off video when you need to
  • you have coaches that are set up to continually support you - whether or not you come in

In-person group practices are wonderful to join when you can get there.
Online gives you the flexibility to take in-person when you want to and can while maintaining constancy through your online practice.

To get the results mentioned above, regular practice is essential, and that’s what we’re about... offering the opportunity to make real positive change.
By that, we're not saying that you aren’t perfect the way you are today. In fact, you are.
Every one of us has two sides, and our days are often colored by which side shows up:

  • the side of you that feels rested, confident, clear, energetic, safe, and joyful…
  • and the other side that feels small, tired, uncertain, and fearful.

The “change” is to tilt the favor towards the good, rested, confident, energetic side so that your light and joy predominates and you have heightened opportunity to grow and express your strengths and talents.

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