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Here's the "first" of the burning questions, which was posed to Savitree about a signature practice in the kundalini yoga tradition called the Sat Kriya:

Thanks so much for your article on Sat Kriya, and for including both options of resting afterwards: taking savasana for twice longer than the amount of time you do the Sat Kriya versus doing it for equal time.
Most articles pick one over the other leaving me very confused. 

My question is this:

Would it benefit me more to do a 3 min Sat Kriya and rest for 6 minutes?
Or do an 11 min Sat Kriya and rest for 11 min? 

Which option would you have chosen? 

Savitree's response:

Since I don't know where you are in your practice, I'd say that if you're ready to take on 11 minutes, I'd personally do that followed by 11 minutes of savasana.

That said, the first time I ever practiced Sat Kriya was the first time I ever practiced Kundalini Yoga, and I started it at 3 minutes with 6 minutes of rest, as suggested by my teacher. Which was sound advice. 

It depends on where you are in your practice. 

I believe that 11 minutes is the magic mark for any meditation/practice. Under 11 minutes, we're mostly working through all the "tantrums." 

We have to start somewhere, and 3 minutes still offers a lot.  

Hope this helps.



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