What you gain through your habits

Aug 01, 2023
What you gain through your habits

When you commit to a daily meditation practice, you’re creating a habit.
This habit supports and strengthens you.
And facing this habit first thing in the morning gives you a boost of energy, and allows the rest of your day to flow with ease.  

This consistency of practice has another benefit. It builds trust.
It builds trust in yourself.
When you practice every day for a set period of time, you know you can do it. Through this, you also know that you have the capacity for commitment and can, and will, do it again. 

Cultivating trust within yourself makes you more trustworthy with others too.
Those in your life see that you follow through with your commitments to yourself, and they’re able to trust that you’ll follow through with them as well. 

Building this trust elevates your self-esteem.
You know you’re worth keeping your commitments to yourself, and you’ll want to continue committing.

As you reap the benefits of having a consistent practice… trust, elevated self-esteem and of course of the practice itself, you begin to crave that consistency.
Keeping it up becomes a no brainer.
And you feel excited for what your next commitment will bring. 

Today is the first day of August and the number 8 relates to the pranic body, also known as the breath body. A strong Pranic body supports a calm mind, strong nervous & immune systems, increased energy & vitality, and a fearless spirit. 

Sitali Pranayam is a 3 minute, cooling breath meditation that will calm your mind and strengthen your Pranic body. It’s helpful to practice on a hot day, when you’re having a hot flash, or a hot temper! Commit to practicing it for 3 minutes daily in August and experience what happens when you commit to yourself. 

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