Group coaching, what’s in it for me?

Dec 07, 2021
Group Coaching, what’s in it for me?

At the beginning of 2021, we began offering our Love Your Life members Friday masterclasses to offer connection and discussion on a number of topics. Over time, these masterclass sessions have become more focused and as we transition into 2022 we’re updating the name once again to match how these  sessions have evolved: Group Coaching Sessions

These sessions are opportunities to explore, break through blocks, and deepen your connection with yourself and your practice. Group coaching is a powerful way to learn through each other’s experiences, while reflecting on your own as exploring experiences and questions together can prompt a new course of action for you.  

Group coaching topics include: 

  • Early morning practice as a catalyst to conquer time and space
  • The power of creating new habits
  • Using your calendar to create discipline and support your goals
  • Befriending your emotions as your guides and resources
  • Yoga as a tool to get UNstuck
  • Pressurizing yourself on your mat helps you face the pressures of life off the mat
  • Delving deeper into your meditation practice to connect with your soul

We let you know at the beginning of each week what the focus will be for that particular week. 

What’s happening this Friday

We’re taking a deep dive into the 28th Pauri of Japji (the Song of the Soul). While this is technically advanced material, it’s easy for a competitive beginner to jump in. 

This Pauri reminds us of our connection with God, and one way we get to experience this connection is through regular meditation. What’s special about our Japji discussions is they are always led by members of our community.  

Mark your calendars!

For our annual New Year’s Meditation at 9am cst on January 1. We’ve got some great things planned. More info coming soon! Be sure to join our email list to learn more about our Love Your Life membership, and stay up to date on our special events.



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