Why new habits are so hard to maintain and how to make it easier

Jun 01, 2021

Think a marble can roll off the deeply embedded groove and take an unpaved path that doesn't exist... without any interference?

It would take some fingers, or a disruption in its foundation to lift or shake it off its current path.

We're the same way. We've been hitting that snooze button every day for so long that expecting ourselves NOT to extend that arm to hit snooze and fall back asleep would take some dedication and honest desire to make change.

That's just the beginning of the morning when the tone for the day is set.

It takes a plan, outside support, and inner commitment to create new grooves that can become deeper and more supportive of your wellness and fulfillment.

Before that, it takes one simple next step: to stop justifying away the simplicity, time, and urgency for this new habit when all other priorities depend on changing your mind.

Take this moment to consider what would be possible if you changed your mind and made a commitment to take the simple steps to wake up without an alarm, clear, and rested, and have the rest of your day feel that way.

If you're feeling overwhelmed about it, start with a few warm or hot water sips, and then the One Simple Breath.

Big changes are made up of small, simple steps.

Love, Savitree

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