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Aug 23, 2023
Decision Confidence Logo | Savitree's Substack page

I have big news to share. I am launching a new space on Substack (a platform for writers and readers) called Decision Confidence

I write about things that impact your ability to make decisions that are in line with your deepest values. For instance, having the energy to think straight and feel good about it. 

A good friend once told me,


You are the best kept secret. By YOU.   


’Twas hard to hear.

So here I am, making a decision, confidently, to make myself better known. 

My work, separate from HealedLovedFed, is going to live here from now on. Call it a ‘solo album’ if you will, to come out of hiding even from behind my own online studio that is HealedLovedFed, which is a collaboration (and which will continue on together with Jodh and Anna). While much of the same writing currently lives in both places at the moment, as it grows, my solo work on Substack will begin to branch off to serve the specific interests and intimacy of my very own Decision Confidence community. 

This space is important because Substack provides a platform where I can fully focus on writing and having direct conversations with you without thinking about algorithms and ads. It allows you and me to organically and casually talk to each other in a way that I haven’t experienced on other platforms. I am a writer, teacher, and coach. Writing is an extension of what I teach and coach in a much more accessible way. 

  • By becoming a paid subscriber (just $8/mo), which I hope you will seriously consider (link takes you to my About page), you will be supporting my writing and continued efforts to be more accessible and widespread.
  • You can also subscribe for free; that is totally appreciated.
  • Either way, if you see value in my writing, please share with everyone you know. There are buttons on my site to make it super easy to do so. Let your friends decide. You never know who they know that might benefit from finding me.


Love always, Savitree


(much like this blog post!)