When life gets stressful, do this

May 25, 2021

Stress. It happens to all of us. Yep, even yogis. 

The key is to have your early detection system activated so you can recognize the stress and take action. Know your early warning signs - perhaps irritability, tension in your shoulders, poor sleep, digestive issues, eating too much sugar… take a moment and write down what you experience when you start to feel stressed

Next, take action

  1. Drink a glass of room temperature water
  2. Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier...
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How to fall apart. Then piece back together.

Apr 06, 2021

My life fell apart because of self care. Well actually, the lack of. 

I’ve always valued being of service to others... 

  • I’m the oldest child, so there were younger siblings to help care for. 
  • I was raised Catholic and went to a Jesuit college, so service projects were a big part of my life.
  • I grew up with a parent who was an alcoholic so I served in effort to keep the peace.
  • As an adult, I became a social worker where service was my job, and I took it very...
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All you have to do is remember

Feb 16, 2021

“I realized I hold my breath... ALL the time!”

Said a beloved community member.  

Can you relate? 

I know I can. 

If you live in an urban area and you look up at the night sky, you might see a few stars… maybe even a constellation or two, and you notice how beautiful it all is.  

Drive a few hours away from the city and look up. It takes your breath away when you realize how MANY stars there are! The contrast between the two creates awareness...

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What do we mean by strengthening the nervous system?

Dec 31, 2020

We talk about the nervous system a lot in Kundalini Yoga. But what does it mean, to strengthen the nervous system? 

It took me years of practice to really understand this system, but one day it just clicked.

I was driving down a pretty narrow street, there was a group of cyclists riding toward me when all of a sudden a car came barreling down the street (in the same direction as the cyclists) and moved into my lane to pass the cyclists. He was moving fast and right toward me. There were...

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Nov 03, 2020

This is part 6 in IzzyJi's Yoga off the Mat series. 


Fear. Such a small word, but it packs such a punch, right? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “fear” is a noun and means:


an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.


I have been struggling a LOT with fear. I mean… a LOT. I can’t stress it enough. I’ve  found myself struggling with the fear of...

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Sometimes you just need to take a break

Aug 18, 2020


It's why we have relaxation as part of our yoga practice. We need to rest and integrate. 
A couple of weeks ago, I felt all the pressure of this year in my stomach, chest and throat. Despite my tools and my practice, anxiety had returned with a vengeance. It happens. But, I know that taking prompt action helps to lessen anxiety and stress pretty quickly
I took a week off from pretty much everything (especially my computer). I read a novel, drank a...
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