Meditation Block #2: I run. I write. That's my meditation. (Why runners & writers meditate)

Mar 10, 2022

Continuing from last week, I am going to discuss the second block people experience with meditation.

Meditation block #2: I run. I write. Those are my meditations. 

I’m not going to say that everyone needs to meditate. At the end of the day, we’re here to cultivate a certain presence and mindset that allows us to fully embrace all the gifts and challenges life has to offer, and to be able to digest them, trust ourselves, make decisions, and be happy. While meditation isn’t the only way there, it’s quick and easily accessible, no matter where you are and how you’re dressed.  

When we run or write, we can get into the zone. Arguably more easily than when we meditate. Runners get the runner's high. Writers get into the flow. They are both so satisfying, except when they’re not. Like meditation. 

Yet like other successful athletes and professionals, many runners and writers turn to meditation, and there’s good reason for it. 

There is a huge benefit in learning to sit. To still the mind and body and do nothing else. To breathe and stay present for the sake of breathing and staying present. It invites all the tremors and tantrums locked inside your tissues (that are creating more limitations than necessary) to rise to the surface while you simply observe and let them work themselves out. No reactivity. Just patience, tenderness, and love. This process removes the blocks that may be holding you back. The natural result is increased flow, insight, mental agility, and intuition that allows you to get back to your life focused and with increased stamina and clarity. 

Ultimately, the goal of meditation is to be able to bring that magic into everything you do so that you can live every moment mindfully, giving you, your goals & desires, and the people around you your full attention. When this happens, you generate more energy with each action you take rather than feeling depleted. It makes running, writing, cooking, parenting, relating, decision making, sleeping, and all the rest so much better.



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