The best most effective meditation ever

Mar 03, 2022
effective morning meditation

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to cover the top 4 blocks that people share with me about meditation.

This week’s: I don’t know what to do

Which translates to either

I don’t know HOW to meditate.


There are so many to choose from, when I read the benefits of each meditation, I feel like I need them all… I can’t decide!

The practice of meditation typically focuses on something: the breath, a sound, an object (like a candle flame), or a voice that guides you through a visualization. It’s all there to help you get present and focused, because when you aren’t, that’s when you get distracted, anxious, and exhausted. That’s when you don’t trust yourself. 

By getting present and focused, you’re quieting the “monkey mind” while expanding your capacity to concentrate. This is why children run circles arounds us - because they are SO present!

Understand that meditation doesn’t make you oblivious to what’s going on around you. It makes you fully aware without getting distracted or overwhelmed. It heightens awareness as well as your ability to respond to it. Meditation helps you make decisions more easily and to trust your decisions!

So, if you don’t know what to do or which meditation to choose, I’m here to share with you the best, most effective meditation ever: DAILY MORNING.

While there are thousands of great meditations, the most important one to cover is “how often and when.”  The answer is DAILY MORNING.

First, you get it out of the way, and during a time of day when so much of the world is still asleep, so life can’t disrupt you. Nor will you have this “TO-DO” weighing on you until you finally get to it or feel bad about it if you don’t.

Starting your morning with meditation means you’re starting the morning tapped into your Soul, and to your Soul’s desires, instead of rushing or responding for someone else. This sets the tone for your day in a completely different way, powerfully anchored into your Self and what you want to get out of your day and life. 

Getting up early to meditate may not always be easy, and when you do, it can also be tempting to say, now that I’m up, I can get ahead on my work and get THAT out of the way instead. By choosing meditation, you put yourself - the part of you that is yearning for purpose and meaning and connection and self trust and some semblance of control - FIRST

You’re conquering your tantrums, and you’re conquering time and space. By surrendering into this one “hardship” of getting up early, everything else becomes easier. It’s like getting on an Up escalator to go up: 

You can just stand there, and you still go up. If you decide to walk it, the assistance makes it a LOT easier than the stairs, which is why most of us choose the escalators over stairs.

As a kid, have you tried going up the DOWN escalator? You can definitely make it all the way up. But it’s a lot. more. work. Especially when you try it as an adult. 

Morning meditation is like getting on an UP escalator to go UP.

Why daily morning meditation works this way 

We are nature, and our energies sync with nature. When we work with the flow of nature, like with the escalator, we flow in the direction of where we want to go. When we don’t, we run into resistance and friction. 

Getting up before 6 am entrains you to the energies of that time, which facilitates movement and creativity… in an anchored rather than harried way, because meditation grounds and expands you.

It gets easier to do the difficult things in life. 

What you do gets easier to do, and what you don’t do gets easier not to do. How good are you at hitting that snooze button? It’s come to where it’s less about being tired and more about insisting on staying in bed convincing yourself you’re tired because you’ve made that a habit. It’s just what you do. Think about it.

Decide you can do this and you can. This is why the top 5 or top 10 habits of successful and happy people include getting up early and meditating. That’s why the master yogis do it. That’s why my clients who do this tell me that when they don’t get up early to meditate, they can definitely tell the difference in their day. It’s changed their lives, and it’s changed my life.  

If you have small children that get up early, the solution is this: get up earlier than them. 

It’s what I did. And I promise you, I was not the morning person. I was the mom who was trying to figure out what foods I can have ready and accessible for my 2 year old that she can start having on her own so I can get 10 minutes more sleep. Before kids, when I didn’t have to get up for work, I was in bed until 11!  To get better control over my own life, I started my practice at 4:30 AM (you read that right). I had a two and 6 year old. I know that sounds crazy, but it positively changed my life. 

It beats putting my kids to bed at 8, falling asleep with them, then getting up at 9 and trying to have ME time until midnight, and struggling in the morning, and doing this again and again and feeling exhausted. 

Instead, go to bed for the night when they do and get up before them. Eventually, I was going to bed at 10 and still getting up early. I went from needing 9 hours of sleep to needing 6 and feeling more rested, happier, clearer, and energized than ever in my life. I was happy to see my kids - and anyone else for that matter - because I filled myself first. I just had to decide to trust it and commit to it.

How to start 

You can start with the One Simple Breath - breathing correctly to get the right balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout your body gives your stamina, energy, and calm. It’s the foundation for everything else, without which your physiology is more likely to be the one to betray your intentions to do the things in your life that you want to do. 

You can find any mantra to chant along with. There are plenty on our YouTube channel. 

If you need more guidance, I do a 30 minute practice every morning and open it up to anyone that wants to join. Here’s the live option, and the recorded option

The important part 

Before you go to bed, set up your meditation cushion and whatever else that will help you get warm and cozy outside of your bed so you’re not dealing with the set-up in the morning. Set your alarm. Tell yourself you’re getting up on or before the first ring. When you get up, drink water first - it will wake and hydrate and nourish you. Pee. Brush your teeth. And seriously, make the intention the night before - not to “try and we’ll see,” but to do it. Make sure you feel that buy-in from your body. The last thought you want to have is, I’m doing this. 


(much like this blog post!)