What is an intention anyway?

Feb 22, 2022

Your practice is a powerful resource that you can tap into for strength, insight, clarity and healing. When you sit on your mat, you get to decide what you want from your practice. 

In class, we prompt you to “set your intention”. It sounds lovely, but what does it actually mean? (If you’ve wondered this, you’re not alone). 

It’s setting your goal or purpose for your practice, and identifying what you aim to get out of it. 

Setting your intention gives focus to your practice. Perhaps you’re seeking an answer to a question, resolution to a problem, want to process an experience, or connect with an emotion that challenges you…

You get to set your intention and point your practice in that direction. 

In doing so, you’re creating a container for your practice. 
Anything is possible. 
You just need to claim it. 

With love, 

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