An Equinox ritual just for you

Sep 20, 2022
An Equinox ritual just for you

The Fall Equinox takes place this Thursday, September 22 at 8:03pm cst/ 9:03pm est (in the Northern Hemisphere). The Equinox is the day where we have (nearly) equal light and darkness, and moves us into fall where we’ll gradually experience shorter days and longer nights. 


It’s a meaningful time of year representing harvest time. You may be physically harvesting the remaining veggies from your garden, doing some canning, or preparing your plants to come inside. You can also take this time for spiritual harvesting. Reflecting on your growth in the previous months, and taking stock of your needs for the months ahead. Creating a ritual helps you honor this transitional time. 

If you don’t have a special ritual that you practice for the Equinox, here’s one you can practice…

First, prepare your space. About 15 minutes before the Equinox, set your meditation cushion and journal. Brew your favorite tea, or prepare a cup of hot lemon water. Light a candle, or burn incense or sage. 

At the top of the hour, settle into your meditation space, settle into your body, settle into your breath. Set your intention for your practice. Begin your meditation, and practice from 3 to 11 minutes. If you need a meditation to practice, here’s a simple one that I shared last week. It connects you with your breath and with the cycle of life: birth, life, death, rebirth using the sounds Sa Ta Na Ma. 

When you complete the meditation, sit in stillness and silence for at least one minute. 


Then, pick up your journal and answer the following prompts: 

  • As I reflect on the past three months, I am most proud of: 
  • And most grateful for: 
  • The vision I am holding for myself for the fall season is: 
  • The first step I need to take to support my vision is: 
  • My mantra for fall is: 

Bless your words, bless your vision, bless yourself, bless those you love, bless the world. 
Close your practice, and allow space for transition when you’re complete. 

Finally, commit to reflecting on your words regularly, ideally daily, throughout the season. Schedule your first step to support your vision, so you take action. Repeat your mantra daily.
Use the energy of this transition to be your catalyst to support and honor yourself and your vision for your life.


Wishing you a happy Equinox!


With love,



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