Balance your throat chakra for creativity and authentic self-expression

May 02, 2023

The beginning of May marks the halfway point to summer (May Day), and some new numerology to work with for the month.

In my weekly yoga classes, I’ve been exploring the numerology of the month and how it relates to our yogic anatomy. Similar to western anatomy (think nervous system, glandular system etc), you have yogic or energetic anatomy consisting of chakras (energy centers) and yogic bodies. This anatomy is a subtle, powerful resource for your practice. 

May is the fifth month and the number 5 relates to the 5th chakra, Vishuddha, which is the throat chakra. This energy center focuses on the entire area surrounding the throat and neck including your thyroid gland, ears, and mouth. The color associated with this chakra is blue. If you enjoy visualization, imagine beautiful blue emanating from the center of your throat and expanding in all directions. Your fifth chakra is all about creativity and self-expression. 

Think of this part of your body in relation to your heart chakra (fourth chakra). When your heart is open, you’re able to experience love and compassion for yourself and others. When your throat is open, you can express this love and compassion freely and fearlessly. If you’re feeling guilty, prone to sore throats or neck pain, look to your throat chakra for information and insight. You may be experiencing a physical manifestation of an imbalance in this chakra. 

Are you holding back and not saying what you want to say?

Perhaps there is a block in this energy center. Are you over communicating or having difficulty listening deeply? Perhaps there’s an imbalance in your throat chakra and you’re over functioning.  Are you openly and authentically expressing your wants, needs, thoughts, feelings, and desires? This suggests your throat chakra is balanced. 

Yoga and meditation give us so many resources to explore with this energy center so that you can open and balance your throat chakra, feel more vibrantly creative and authentically expressive. 

Here are 3 of my favorite exercises to balance your throat chakra:

1. Pranayam or breath meditation. As you breathe in, you’re bringing prana (life force) in through your nose and down your throat, and as you exhale you’re expelling breath along with what no longer serves you. Imagine your breath clearing obstacles from your throat like wind blowing leaves off the trees in the fall. For a stimulating pranayam - sit tall and stick your tongue way out. Close your eyes and begin panting like a dog. Use your navel as a powerful pump. As you inhale your belly expands, as you exhale your belly contracts. Keep your throat relaxed and notice the stimulation in your throat. Continue to breathe powerfully for 1-3 minutes. 

2. Mantra or chanting meditation. Singing along to your favorite playlist is one way to open your throat. Singing or chanting uplifting, high vibration sounds up-levels this experience. You're consciously vocalizing sounds while balancing and opening your throat chakra.  If you find open communication is difficult, I recommend chanting. It gives you practice in opening your mouth, creating sounds, and listening deeply to the sounds you’re creating. A high vibration mantra like ONG (translation: the creative consciousness of the universe) helps you tap into creativity and experience your precious voice. To practice: inhale deeply and on your exhale chant ONG focusing on the NG sound, feeling it ring and vibrate in your body. Go ahead and try it - where do you feel the vibration? If you feel shy, start practicing when you are alone - at home, in your car, or in the shower so you can get used to the beautiful, resonant sound of your voice. Start with 3 minutes of practice. 

3. Yoga or conscious movement. This exercise is simple and you can practice it anywhere. Sit tall. Inhale slowly as you slowly turn your head to the left. Exhale slowly as you slowly turn your head to the right. Close your eyes. See how slow you can move. This is a gentle movement well within your own range of motion, no need to over-extend. This stimulates your thyroid gland, gently massages the muscles in your neck, and opens your throat. It’s also a brilliant practice for saying no (notice you’re shaking your head), so that you have the space to say YES to what you desire. Practice for 1 minute, then pause and reverse so you’re inhaling toward the right and exhaling left. 

Which of these 3 practices are you planning to practice this month? And if you’re ready to explore your own yoga and meditation practice, check out our Self-Practice program here. Inside you'll find mini-exercises like these as well as full classes, yoga sets, and meditations you can practice on your own, in your own time. 

With love, 

P.S. Stay tuned! Next week, I’ll focus on the 5th body and how you can strengthen your connection with it this month.


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