Discovering the Magic of Repetition

Jun 30, 2022
Discovering the Magic of Repetition

 I’ve heard a lot of complaints over the years about how people get bored with their meditation practice. They go through their practice with an eye on the time to see how much longer before they’re done, and they say how hard it is to keep their mind from wandering, and they’re frustrated by it. 

We labor over and distract ourselves from the same stressors and stories that cause us dread every day, but the practice that can change that… that’s the one to drop? 

Years ago, a friend and I decided to do a 3 minute meditation for prosperity for 1000 days. She said it was the longest 3 minutes ever, and she hates it. I asked her, “What's your resistance to prosperity?” She hadn’t thought of it that way, so she changed her mind about it. Just like that.

There’s magic in boredom with routine. We get to see how we tantrum and how we respond to it. We get to tame our need for entertainment and consumption and instead cultivate patience, focus, and consistency. We get to change our mind. From it comes more energy and bandwidth for creativity - one that’s accessible on demand instead of when all the stars align

So let’s change our mind around the daily repetition, the practice, the ritual, and tap into this magic! It’s totally worth it.

Two ways to begin the process of changing your mind:

  1. Decide that you’re going to show up to your practice DAILY to love on your mind and body. I (and my body) can feel a difference between laboring through a workout because I have to, versus sweating through one thinking about how much I appreciate my body. The experience is dramatically different. Same with yoga & meditation.

  2. Ask yourself: do I have better things to do than giving myself 30 minutes to and hour a day (out of a 24 hour day) working on that which keeps me centered in who I am, gives me equanimity, helps me stay relaxed and energized through the day, and gives me the ability to distinguish between my YESs and NOs, making me more decisive, focused, and happy thereby saving me literally hours a day? My answer is: Nope.

Daily meditation is like brushing your teeth. Once you’ve decided you’re committing to this daily hygiene, you’ll stop negotiating whether or not to do it and start trusting that this simple ritual is taking care of you.

And the best part of daily meditation is that it trains your mind to love yourself better and to tap into a different story that opens the blind spots and allows you to see how attainable your soul’s desires are. The magic is in changing your mind. 


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